American Woman Left Shocked After Swapping Hinge to 60+ England—’Gentlemen’

Why have so many functions on dating apps if you don’t play with them?

This was one woman’s attitude in a viral video posted on Instagram. In it, the creator, Lexi Stout (@thelexistout) revealed what happened after she changed her age preferences to over-60 years old on the dating app Hinge. Being from America and dating in England, the results shocked her. Since the video was posted, it has received over 105,000 likes on Instagram.

“I changed my Hinge settings to 60+ in England,” Stout said in the video, before revealing the profiles she came across.

A man holds flowers in front of a phone camera. A video on Instagram has gone viral after the responses one woman received from men on Hinge over 60 years old.

Black Lollipop/Getty Images

Using screen recordings, she captured highlights of the app’s voice-response feature, in which people can record their voiced answers to some of the app’s profile prompts.

“Here I am, registered on Hinge,” one voice said in response to a question about how to pronounce his name. “Bringing some life to my profile… Yes, perhaps I should do my Mary Poppins impersonation… send me lots of flowers, and I will send you a spoonful of sugar.”

Another user responded to a profile prompt that asked him to explain one of his boundaries.

“Hm, boundaries, boundaries, boundaries; what an innovating topic,” he began. “Rather than something as self-regarding as talking about one of mine, I’d rather like to suggest that we sit down, and we come to some agreement of both our boundaries—and then let them sit in the background like guardrails.

“And, if they need to be rearticulated at a later point, so be it. Anyway, I’m jet-lagged, got to go to bed. Hope you had a lovely week. Lots of love, I’m out.”

What Did the Comments Say?

Some in the comments criticized Stout’s video, saying she should not have revealed people’s profiles simply to poke fun at them. From the video, though, it’s not clear that these were Stout’s intentions.

“Is this supposed to be showing how cool and funny older men can be? @lindsayvar wrote. “Otherwise, it’s ageism and it sucks.”

One commenter had a similar perspective: “These men are all so sweet and real, and I’m surprised by the comments implying this post was about making fun of them because upon watching, I immediately assumed she was intending to demonstrate how younger men these days have lost the plot compared to these utter gentlemen!” @summer.hokulani wrote.

Indeed, many others in the comments were endeared by the astute responses to the app’s simple questions.

“Now you are dating poets and philosophers,” @natasha.poliglota wrote.

“Honestly, if my husband leaves me, I’d consider dating one of these audiobooks,” @roseybeeme wrote.

“You’re now dating in the poetic narrator league my dear. Many hurt but wonderful souls, ready to open their heart for you, against all odds and reasons,” @vanschneider wrote.

Newsweek reached out to @thelexistout for comment via Instagram.