Bakondi: PfE to help stem illegal migration

The new Patriots for Europe party group “is a political force that could prevent negative measures concerning illegal migration”, the prime minister’s chief security advisor told public broadcaster M1 on Wednesday.

Gyorgy Bakondi said the new group would also fight measures weighing on agricultural producers as well as ones “negatively impacting Europe’s competitiveness”. He said “the victory of national conservative, patriotic forces in the European parliamentary elections has shown that illegal migration is now seen differently in European countries,” and pointed to “more and more crimes and terrorist activities, violence against police and women, connected to illegal migration”.

Bakondi insisted that “the scheme behind illegal migration, the political and ideological objectives” were increasingly visible. He mentioned Germany, where illegal migrants could obtain German citizenship within three years, adding that “it is hard to imagine that the Muslim majority would vote for Christian, conservative parties.”

Bakondi said Europe did not have the conditions to eliminate the international people smuggling rings. He said neither EU members nor their police had the information or the political will to remove those groups.

Concerning Hungary’s southern border with Serbia, Bakondi said “the intensity of border violations has decreased”, adding that illegal migration had shifted towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy “as a result of cooperation between the Serbian and Hungarian police, as well as the border fence and legal border seal”.

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