‘Bored’ Dad’s DIY Drop-Down TV For Daughter’s Bedroom Stuns Internet

An innocent TikTok video showing a father’s innovative DIY skills has sparked an interesting reaction from users in the comment section.

TikTok user @ _cierrafabrizio posted the clip, which has been viewed 9.5 million times, captioning it: “POV: your dad gets bored & builds a drop down tv from your ceiling.”

In the video a television appears from the ceiling of her bedroom above the bed, with Netflix already queued up and ready to go.

Users below the line got personal, leading one person to write: “comment section is crazy.”

A stock image of a woman painting a wall. The home improvement sector was worth $558 million, a figure which is expected to continue rising to $621 million by 2025
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“My dad got bored and left then came back then he got bored again and left again,” shared one user. “My dad got bored and landed himself in jail for theft of a bicycle seat,” said another. One user commented: “My dad gets bored and yells at me and blames me for everything.”

During the COVID 19 pandemic many people around the world took up DIY to stave off the boredom of lockdown and make minor improvements to their home. Some 74 percent of people in the U.S. claimed to have started a DIY project in May 2020, according to one poll.

The lockdown trend has shown no sign of waning, as in 2022 the home improvement sector was worth $558 million, a figure that is expected to hit $621 million by 2025.

The trend is popular on social media as well with a recent video of a woman revealing her trick for making a hidden storage unit out of a picture frame viewed over 1.3 million times on TikTok.

In the video Sarahli Wilcox can be seen explaining how she attached planks of wood to a picture frame to create a discreet storage unit that simply looks like a hanging picture, perfect for using as storage or hiding unsightly features such as the doorbell.

Another DIY video that went viral showed a woman saving “thousands” of dollars by DIYing her garden furniture. Alexis Sullivan created patio couches from scratch for under $500 according to her video, with an additional cost of $400 for the cushions.

Another innovative TikToker shared her story of saving approximately $2,700 after making herself a mirror in the style of Swedish architect-turned-designer Gustaf Westman. TikToker Luena Gama loved the work of Westman, but found that her bank account did not, so she decided to make her own copy, which cost less than $300 to make. The original mirror cost around $2,990 excluding things like delivery and handling fees, so she saved roughly $2,741.

Newsweek has reached out to @ _cierrafabrizio via TikTok for comment.

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