Dad Takes Too Long to Put Toddler to Sleep, Mom Soon Finds Out Why

A mom who began to grow suspicious about how long her husband was taking to put their daughter to bed was greeted with a hilarious sight when she went to check up on them.

Married mom-of-two Mistura’s daughter, Eleven, only turned 2 on July 4, but she is definitely been putting her and her husband, Bamidele, through their paces since the family relocated from New York to London.

At the moment, Mistura’s time is largely taken up by looking after Kairo, Eleven’s 10-month-old brother. That means Bamidele is largely responsible for tasks such as Eleven’s bedtime. That’s not necessarily a problem, though.

“Eleven and her dad have a special bond,” Mistura told Newsweek. “She’s basically obsessed with him. She always wants to be around him, and, even when he’s tired, she never gives him a break.”

Evidence of that came to the fore one evening recently, when Mistura noticed Bamidele was taking a little longer than usual to get Eleven to sleep.

“On this particular night, after the usual bedtime routine, he took her upstairs to put her to bed,” she said. “After not seeing him for a while, I decided to go upstairs to check on them.”

Sensing an opportunity to capture something amusing on camera, Mistura grabbed her phone and hit record before going up to check in on them. What she found did not disappoint: Bamidele was fast asleep. Their daughter, however, was doing something else altogether different.

“To my surprise, I found Eleven singing him a lullaby, with a baby sleep track playing in the background,” Mistura said. “It made me laugh so much because he’s always going on about how strong a dad he is and denies ever dozing off during child duties.”

Eleven sits on her sleeping dad after he tried to get her to sleep. Her mom, Mistura, told Newsweek that her husband “denies ever dozing off during child duties.”


Despite the day-to-day stresses of their lives, Mistura continues to find the video a source of some amusement.

“We have been diligently attempting to establish a structured bedtime routine for our daughter,” she said. “Despite our numerous methods to encourage early sleep, she remains steadfastly awake. It seems she is still operating on American time.”

The clip has proven popular since Mistura uploaded it to TikTok under the handle @mummyeleven1, having racked up over 787,000 views and counting.

She added that she has a pretty good idea why the video is proving so popular. It’s because it shows that “no parent is perfect.”

“Anyone who is a parent or has taken care of children can empathize with our nightly challenges,” Mistura said. “There is no manual to parenting; we are all just trying our best. And, most importantly, sometimes our kids can be the one putting us to sleep.”

Parenting is never easy, but most moms and dads agree that it’s especially challenging during those first few years. In a survey of 800 U.S. adults conducted by, more than half of the parents polled as part of the research ranked the ages of 0 to four as the most stressful, with 29 percent viewing the age of 3 as a particularly tricky period.

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