Dee Snider Speaks Out on Trump, Biden Election—’It’s the Only Choice’

Dee Snider, the lead singer of Twisted Sister, has thrown his support behind President Joe Biden for the upcoming election in various social media posts.

On November 5, Biden and Donald Trump, the presumptive Democratic and Republican presidential nominees, respectively, are set to face off in a rematch of the 2020 election. It is expected to be a tight race.

As the election draws closer, celebrities have announced whom they’re supporting, and Snider has taken to X, formerly Twitter, to say Biden is “the only choice.”

“This election isn’t about the two ancient candidates it’s about personal freedom. And all those ‘freedom fighters’ on the right don’t want freedom for all, they want freedom only for themselves!” Snider wrote, adding the hashtag #freedomforall.

Snider wrote the post in response to an X user commenting on a successful grassroots effort in Arkansas to get abortion rights on the ballot. The user wrote, “This is why Biden will win, this kind of [stuff doesn’t] show in polls, but women have been speaking in the voting booth last 2 years loudly enough.”

In another post about abortion rights, Snider said: “This is the uprising I’m talking about! EVERYONE’S freedoms matter!”

When an X user posted images of Biden and wrote, “If it’s about fighting for freedom, I’d say vote for the guy who’s actually been around when fights for freedom went down,” the rock star replied, “Honestly it’s the only choice.”

Snider and his heavy metal band enjoyed massive success in the 1980s. Their anti-authority anthem, “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” which Snider wrote, became an enduring hit. Snider has even endorsed the song’s use by abortion-rights activists and Ukrainians protesting the Russian invasion.

Newsweek contacted spokespeople for Snider and Biden for comment by email.

Donald Trump, left, in New York on August 10, 2022; President Joe Biden, right, in Windsor, England, on July 10, 2023; and Dee Snider, center, in Los Angeles on April 3, 2022. Snider has thrown…

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This isn’t the first time the singer has shared his political opinion online. In 2022, he devoted much of his social media activity to criticizing the Republican Party and its policies. Snider also lashed out at Trump supporters who co-opted his hit song, saying the lyrics were antithetical to their beliefs.

“ATTENTION QANON, MAGAT FASCISTS: Every time you sing ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ remember it was written by a cross-dressing, libtard, tree hugging half-Jew who HATES everything you stand for. It was you and people like you that inspired every angry word of that song! SO F**K OFF!” Snider wrote on X at the time.

After conservative politicians, including Trump, began using the song at campaign rallies, the singer said he would never pursue legal action against them for use of the track, but would instead publicly voice his displeasure.

When an X user told Snider Trump once used the song—and that Snider once called the former president a friend—the singer replied.

“100% true. And then Trump opened his big fat mouth and started spewing poison all over this great country. He lured the scum of the earth out of the shadows and from under rocks to join him in his fascist movement,” Snider wrote. “That’s when I asked him to stop using it … and he did.”