Donald Trump’s Election Proposal Resoundingly Rejected by Republicans

Donald Trump speaking at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, earlier this week. Trump has voiced support for a winner-take-all system in Nebraska for the presidential elections in November.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

A Donald Trump-backed bid for Nebraska to adopt a winner-take-all system for the presidential elections in November stumbled on Wednesday as state lawmakers voted down a procedural motion that could have put the bill to a vote.

The Republican-controlled state legislature rejected the procedural motion by 36 votes to eight, blocking what one GOP state senator described as “the last chance to pass winner-take-all this session.”

If the bill had passed, it would have likely resulted in all of Nebraska’s electoral college votes going to Trump after the November election. In contrast, Trump only received four votes in 2020, with Biden picking up the fifth as he won in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District.

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