Duck on Trip to PetSmart Drives Everyone Quackers

Wrinkle the duck was a very popular customer recently during a trip to PetSmart with his owner.

The 2-year-old duck lives in New York City with her human owner, and they often travel around together.

In video footage, Wrinkle recently took a trip to a local PetSmart branch where she tried on some outfits, checked out some toys and said hello to fellow bird friends.

“We go everywhere together—we’ve been to PetSmart many times, but this was the first documented,” Wrinkle’s owner, who declined to be named, told Newsweek.

Pictures of Wrinkle enjoying her trip to PetSmart where she tried on clothes, took a ride on the checkout conveyor belt and delighted the staff.

Ducks are increasingly popular as pet companions, but it’s still rare. They are legal to own as pets in some parts of the U.S., but some municipalities won’t permit poultry to be kept as pets.

Before getting your own pet duck, it is important to check your town permits. If all is well, ducks can make grat companions. They can live 10 to 15 years in captivity and require a little more high maintenance than chickens.

Ducks require lots of fresh water and frequent cleaning, as they produce lots of manure. Because of their inability to fly, pet ducks can also be a target for local wildlife, including hawks and coyotes.

They’re also pretty noisy neighbors, and their frequent quacks should be considered when thinking about and staying friendly with the neighbors.

Wrinkle hanging out at the store with her human, left, and a picture of Wrinkle saying hello to some fellow birds.

“Wrinkle is my baby,” said the duck’s owner. “We go on adventures every day. We like to bring extra smiles with us in case anyone left home without theirs.”

Wrinkle has plenty of fans online thanks to her 1.63 million followers on YouTube under the handle Seducktive. Frequent updates provide videos of their adventures, from ice skating to a shopping trip at the record store. Everyone loves to see what Wrinkle will do next.

With more than 7 million views, the video of the PetSmart trip prompted lots of excited replies and reactions.

One viewer wrote: “I can’t enough of Wrinkles little stomps when she’s waddling around the store, she’s a beautiful quacker.”

Wrinkle previously made headlines when she ran the New York City Marathon in 2021. In 2022, the active duck set a world record when she ran the kids 1K Long Island Marathon in 18 minutes and eight seconds.

“I’m glad there are so many people out there who love Wrinkle as much as I do,” her owner said. “It really has been a trip.”

Wrinkle herself told Newsweek: “Quack quack.” Her owner added: “She said you’d know what it means.”

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