Golden Retriever Desperate for Invite to Owner’s PT Session: ‘Pawfessional’

A personal trainer’s dog has taken a keen interest in following in her career footsteps after constantly wanting to be in her training sessions.

Nicole McLean is a personal trainer out of Maryland. She has built a studio gym in her home and offers in-person or virtual personal training sessions. Because the gym is in her house, her golden retriever Mr. Moose has a first look at what the career entails and he can’t get enough.

In her January 31 TikTok video, which was posted to the account @mr.moose_waffles, Mr. Moose is sitting in a spot that allows him perfect vision into the training room. He peers around the corner, patiently waiting for permission.

“He will wait at that spot until I invite him,” McLean told Newsweek via text. “If I don’t invite him in, he’ll just lay in that spot the whole session.”

Screenshots of a golden retriever looking at owner from around the corner. The dog always looks at his owner and waits to be invited in during her work training sessions.


Mr. Moose holds onto hope that he will be invited into every session. Who could say no to that sweet face? Working out next to a dog sounds like the best kind of motivation for clients, but McLean knows firsthand the distraction he can cause.

She said he comes into sessions about 50 percent of the time. The reason as to why he doesn’t come in is because, well, he is distracting and all you want to do is snuggle him. Plus, his hair gets everywhere. Golden retrievers are known for their luscious locks that shed year-round. McLean noted some clients aren’t a big fan of the hair.

Luckily, Mr. Moose still has quickly built relationships with McLean’s clients.

“Mr. Moose has a favorite client, Sam, and knows when she’s coming,” McLean said.

The 4-year-old dog’s dedication to being the best “pawfessional” he can be has melted hearts. The clip reached 1.4 million views, 196,500 likes and 543 comments as of Tuesday.

“If ‘I’ll just be right here if you need me’ was a face,” wrote one viewer. He just wants to supervise.

Another added: “I don’t even know what ‘training session’ this is but I want in.”

However, some users are frustrated he has to wait outside the studio: “Who’s not inviting Mr. Moose to their sessions? I just want to TALK.”

“Listen, I’m not telling you how to do your job but if ANYBODY doesn’t want Moose in their session, you should probably not have them as clients,” posted a viewer.

There’s no doubt that Mr. Moose can create his own client base in no time. That way, he’ll never miss out on a session again.

Golden retriever in gym studio
Photos of Mr. Moose with owner Nicole McLean in her home gym studio. Mr. Moose went viral on TikTok after he patiently waited to be invited into her personal training sessions.

Nicole McLean

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