Grandma’s Hilarious Prank on Walmart Customers Is Viewed by Over 10 Million

Many grandparents love bringing out their grandchildren’s fun side, and one grandmother certainly did that with a genius prank idea that has gone viral.

Singer Riley Buck, who performs under the pseudonym Valories, shared a video on TikTok (@itsvalories) on May 8, and it has received over 10.6 million views. It shows how she and her grandma caused havoc with their prank in a local Walmart. The caption reads that “any day with Memaw is an adventure.”

The mischievous duo walked round the store with a bag full of googly eyes, which they stuck on items and signs around the shop. Buck, from Nashville, Tennessee, told Newsweek that she and her grandma “caught the attention of several shoppers, all of which had a smile on their face.”

Photos of the duo in Walmart enacting their prank with the googly eyes (left). The video has gone viral online, as many shoppers hope to find an item with eyes stuck onto it. Buck told Newsweek that everyone loved the prank.

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During their hour-long shopping trip, Buck and her grandma stuck the googly eyes on cereal boxes, syrup bottles, diaper boxes, posters, eggs, and many other products.

Since Buck shared the video of her grandma’s “prank idea” on TikTok, it has received more than 1.9 million likes. After the duo became a viral hit, Buck revealed where the inspiration for the prank came from.

She explained: “I was talking on the phone with Memaw, and she said she had a prank idea, and asked if I was in. She said she had already bought all the supplies from Hobby Lobby and needed a partner in crime.

“Of course, I couldn’t say no, so we met up a couple days later to do it. We were there for about an hour and we tried to be sneaky about it,” Buck added.

The singer said that her grandma has “gained many fans” since carrying out this cheeky and creative prank, leaving them speechless over the reaction it’s received.

“The reaction is crazy, people have reached out from all over,” Buck said. “Memaw is a prankster, and that’s something she and I have always had in common. We love a good laugh and always explore ways to make life fun.”

The TikTok video has received over 23,000 comments so far from many impressed social-media users. Some even hope to find an item with googly eyes on it in their shopping trolley.

One person commented: “If I opened my carton of eggs to check for cracks and my eggs had eyes, I’d lose it.” Another user wrote: “This is the kind of grandma I aspire to be.”

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