Hearts Melt at Colorblind Man’s Sweet Gesture for Girlfriend: ‘So Close’

A man’s sweet gesture to his girlfriend has gone viral after he completely missed the mark with his choice, but not for a reason you may expect.

Kristina Ledstrom and her boyfriend were taking part in a viral TikTok trend, during which couples pick out colored beads they think are closest to their partner’s eyes, using them to create matching bracelets. The only catch? Ledstrom’s boyfriend is colorblind.

While Ledstrom’s eyes appear a bright and light green to those with unaffected vision, the video’s 15 million viewers were left in shock after seeing the colors her boyfriend had selected in the store.

Colorblindness, is a rare condition affecting an estimated one in 12 men and one in 200 women, although not all to the same extent (according to

The condition makes it difficult to distinguish between different colors—most commonly red and green—with some extreme cases causing complete loss of color vision.

It seems to be the former as the issue in this instance, as after walking over with a smile, her boyfriend looked confident in his decision as he told her, “This is what I see,” holding up four stings of beads in muted purple tones next to her green eyes.

Stock image of a couple smiling as they walk through a mall, holding shopping bags. A couple have gone viral after the boyfriend’s sweet gesture missed the mark due to his colorblindness.

Prostock-Studio/Getty Images

Holding the strings up to Ledstrom’s eyes, her expression said it all as the comparison highlighted just how far off her boyfriend had been in his choice. It was at this point she asked her boyfriend if he knew what color he was holding up, to which he admitted, “I have no idea.”

When Ledstrom informed him of his incorrect color choice, her boyfriend replied simply, “Sick.”

The video, shared to @kristinaledstrom , gained over 3 million likes as viewers couldn’t help but love his attempt at the trend, with Ledstrom herself writing that her boyfriend was “so close”.

“This makes me want to cry that he can’t see how pretty your eyes are,” wrote one user.

A second noted her boyfriend’s joy for participating in the trend, even if he couldn’t take part fully. “He has so much love for her in his eyes, and he was so proud to show the color, if this isn’t real love I don’t know what is.”

The comments section also brought some words from others with the condition, as one user wrote, “I was laughing and thought he was holding grey, only to realize I forgot I’m color blind too.”

“As someone who is also color blind, he is literally SPOT ON.” wrote another. “I’m so confused lmfao”

The couple still got their bracelets in the end, and even incorporated the purple beads into the final piece to give a nod to how he sees her eyes.