Horror as Woman on Lunch Break Realizes What She Left Inside Her Car

The moment when a stowaway cat took a trip to his owner’s work has left people in stitches this week.

The video has received more than 505,000 views since being posted on February 3 by Haley Shively, or @haleyys2023 on TikTok. She shared the moment she headed into the car park on her lunch break and was shocked to be greeted by her cat, staring back at her from the front of her Jeep. The accompanying text overlay reads: “When you go out on your lunch break and realize your cat was in your jeep the entire time.”

Amazingly, the cat had managed to pull off the ultimate stealth mission, sneaking into his owner’s car and accompanying her to work without her noticing until her lunch break. Since arriving, however, the pet seems to have changed his mind, casting a disdainful glance at the camera as if to say: “Can we go home now?”

Leaving an animal alone in a car, especially in extreme hot or cold temperatures, can be hazardous to its health. On summer days, the temperature inside a car can rise rapidly, leading to heatstroke and even death.

Thankfully, the owner confirmed cat wasn’t harmed during his unexpected trip, and said that it was an accident.

The post quickly garnered a flood of comments from amused viewers sharing their own experiences with adventurous cats.

“He mad,” posted TikTok user Iamjustalliyya, while Kristen wrote that it was “bring your cat to work day.”

Viewer Heather was amused by the cat’s seriously unimpressed facial expression from the front of the white Jeep: “He’s looking at you like it’s your fault,” she posted.

Meanwhile, others shared their own experiences of stowaway felines. “My cat jumped in the tack room of my trailer and went to a barrel race two states over with me,” wrote one viewer.

Another recalled the moment her cat took an unexpected trip with a little bit of extra help. “My kid snuck our cat into the car and took it to a birthday party,” she posted.

Some viewers even admitted to close calls with their own accidental cat passengers.

Merlin wrote: “I brought my neighbor’s cat to the grocery store on accident and now I’m paranoid of something like this happening, too.”

User katewoodcomedy commented: “I had this happen except it wasn’t my cat. Got on the expressway and heard a concerned meow.”

Haley’s cat isn’t the first one to enjoy a ride in the car either. Last year, 5-year-old Zazu gained viral attention for his love of hopping into the car with his owner to get a lift back to their house.

Newsweek reached out to @haleyys2023 via TikTok for comment.

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A file photo of a feline in a car looking backwards out of the side window. Jaws have dropped after a cat owner walked back to her vehicle to find her pet sitting inside.

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