Hunter Biden Tried to Hide Foreign Business Deal from Wife, Emails Reveal

Emails that were recently published have allegedly revealed that Hunter Biden tried to hide finances from a foreign business deal from his then-wife Kathleen Buhle during their divorce proceedings.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said during a press conference on Wednesday that Buhle was among the Biden family members who had received money from foreign business deals as well as Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, who allegedly received more than $1 million from Romania, according to Fox News.

Comer released bank records which he claimed implicated the Biden family in an influence-peddling scheme. The 36-page memo of what Republicans said were “thousands” of bank records included claims that the Biden family received millions of dollars from a number of Chinese and Romanian companies when Biden was vice president during the Barack Obama administration.

A file photo of Hunter Biden in 2016. Emails that were recently published have alleged that he tried to hide finances from a foreign business deal from his then-wife Kathleen Buhle during their divorce proceedings.
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Republicans said that the records indicate a suspicious pattern. However, the House Oversight Committee’s report lacked solid evidence of the president or his family members being directly involved in any alleged crimes, Fox said.

In an interview with CBS News in June 2022, Buhle claimed she didn’t know much about the Biden family’s finances, including Hunter Biden’s business deals.

“I had my head pretty deeply buried in the sand,” she said at the time.

Her claims, however, contradict what was contained in the emails obtained by Fox News, dating back to 2016 and 2017. The network said the emails revealed that divorce lawyers for Hunter Biden and Buhle knew of funds coming from a “Romania deal” and corresponded over how the money should be divided between both parties.

In a 2016 email sent to Hunter Biden’s lawyer Sarah Mancinelli, Buhle’s attorney Rebekah Sullivan is said to have asked about a deposit of more than $120,000 from the “Romania deal” into Hunter’s TD account.

“On the disclosures, help me understand why it is taking so long to get this basic information. Hunter’s office confirmed to Kathleen a deposit of more than $120,000 into Hunter’s TD account, as funds from the ‘Romania deal,’” Sullivan wrote, according to screenshots of the email posted by Fox News. The network claimed it obtained them from his laptop.

“There is no reason to continue to delay providing us the TD account statements and all expenses since the end of the last statement,” Sullivan added.

The email continued: “It is more than fair to ask for Hunter immediately to provide Kathleen with half of the $120,000, and immediate disclosure with respect to his TD account.”

Mancinelli forwarded the email to her client, who denied that his office “confirmed the TD deposit.” Hunter Biden told his lawyer that the only way Buhle would possibly know of the deposit is if “she had access to all of my texts and emails.”

His lawyer emailed Sullivan a month later proposing an “interim support and bill-paying arrangement” which would grant Buhle part of the funds from the “Romania deal” that the president’s son was expecting.

“Our primary goal with the proposal below is to project for Kathleen the payments that Hunter expects to receive this month and how those funds will be allocated—including funds for retainer payments,” Mancinelli wrote in the email at the time, according to Fox News. “Hunter believes a $60,000 ‘Romania’ related payment may come in before the end of January.”

Newsweek has reached out by email to Hunter Biden’s lawyers for comment.

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