Husky and Jack Russell Have a Puppy Internet Obsessed With the ‘Short King’

Two unlikely dog breeds have taken social media by storm after a TikTok creator revealed the dogs’ rare puppy in a now viral video.

The March 22 TikTok video posted by user @dianadarcy5 has amassed over 11.5 million views, 1.5 million likes and 3,791 comments. The clip likely gained widespread attention because the puppy’s parents are two no one expected: a husky and a Jack Russell terrier.

The unusual duo met and fell in love, according to the video’s audio. The two dogs are even snuggling with each other in the clip. And now the two are bonded for life, thanks to the mixed dog they created together.

The puppy’s mother is an all-white husky, which is already a rare coat color for Siberian huskies, and the father is a Jack Russell terrier. When these two dog breeds cross, they form a Husky Jack. And in this instance, the Husky Jack has viewers calling him a “short king.”

Newsweek reached out to @dianadarcy5 on TikTok for more information.

TikTok users flocked to the comments section with amazement at the crossbreed, especially since the two dog parents are completely different in stature.

“Short kings winning again,” said one viewer.

But people were also obsessing over the puppy. One viewer said: “Omg so cute! His tiny legs.”

Another wrote: “The video of them together is so cute.”

Stock images show a Westie terrier (left) and white husky. Viewers are obsessing over a husky and Jack Russell terrier mix seen in a March 22 TikTok video.

pcboy33 and Wirestock/Getty Images

Husky Jacks are known to be high-energy, active and sociable dogs, according to the website Wag. The breed takes after the parents, as they can be stubborn and more difficult to train. However, these dogs are also intelligent and mischievous. It’s important for owners to start training and socialization with this breed at an early age.

Wag suggests that owners supervise Husky Jacks when they are around other dogs, but for the most part they are usually friendly. Although Husky Jacks can be very loving and loyal, they might not be the best companions for new owners, young kids, or cats.

Mixed Dog Breeds

Although the Husky Jack is not the typical mixed breed you hear about, these dogs aren’t the only rare ones. A dachshund-corgi mix and a pug-greyhound dog are among some of the mixed breeds that have left people stunned.

Mixed-breed dogs are more common than purebred pets in the U.S., and about 53 percent of dogs living in U.S. households are mixed-breed.

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