Joe Biden’s G7 Appearance Littered With Gaffes

Footage of President Joe Biden’s gaffes during the Group of Seven meeting are being shared on social media.

The president arrived in Japan on Thursday to attend the meeting of the world’s most powerful democracies, and scrapped plans to travel to Papua New Guinea and Australia so that he can get back for debt limit talks in Washington, D.C.

Conservatives have regularly mocked gaffes made by 80-year-old Biden, who has recently announced his intention to run for reelection in 2024. His age, health and mental fitness for office are likely to be raised by Republicans during the campaign.

Early Sunday, the Republican National Committee (RNC) research account shared a clip of Biden stumbling over his words as he discussed the debt ceiling during a press conference at the summit in Hiroshima.

In the clip, Biden says: “And there’s a lot of other…For example, the idea that we’re… in terms of taxes that they refuse to…for example, we, I was able to balance the budget and pass everything from the global warming bill anyway, I was able to cut by $1.7 billion in the first two years the deficit that we are, were accumulating and because I was able to say to that the fifty five corporations in America that made forty four hundred billion dollars or forty billion dollars, four hundred billion dollars, that they they pay zero in tax, zero.”

President Joe Biden speaks during a press conference following the conclusion of the G7 Summit Leaders’ Meeting on Sunday in Hiroshima, Japan. Footage of Biden’s gaffes during the Group of Seven meeting are being shared on social media.
Kiyoshi Ota/Pool/Getty Images

Alongside the footage, the RNC wrote: “In all seriousness — what is Biden talking about?”

The RNC also highlighted the moment Biden mistakenly referred to South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol as “President Loon.”

Earlier in the trip, the president was also captured on camera stumbling down steps on his way to a photo shoot with G7 leaders.

Another video showed the moment the president appeared confused about which direction to head in after taking a group photo with fellow leaders.

Earlier this week, footage of Biden appearing to struggle with his umbrella upon his arrival in Japan went viral, prompting mockery from conservatives.

A recent poll, conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post, showed more than two-thirds of Americans think Biden is too old to serve a second term. He would be 86 by the end of a potential second term.

Another poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research last month found only about half of Democrats think Biden should run again, though 81 percent said they would at least probably support him in the 2024 election if he is the nominee.

Newsweek has contacted the White House for comment via email.

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