Man Brings ‘Best Friend’ on Date With Him—but It’s Not What You’d Imagine

First dates can be daunting at times, but one woman has revealed the secret to making them more enjoyable and relaxed is by bringing a friend along too—specifically a four-legged friend.

After being single for several years, Karla Flores from Manhattan, New York, decided she was finally ready to get back on the dating scene using the Bumble dating app. She felt somewhat nervous about meeting up in person, but she was far more relaxed when she saw that her date had brought his service dog along as a special guest.

Flores told Newsweek that she and her date “immediately hit it off,” and she couldn’t have been happier that he brought his dog with him too. After all, it wasn’t just his heart she’d need to win over, but his dog’s heart too.

Following the successful date, Flores shared a TikTok video of her date setting a place beside him at the table for his service dog. Since the adorable clip was posted (@kandidkarla), it has already gained over 1.1 million views and more than 168,900 likes, as social media users couldn’t get enough of the four-legged plus one.

Karla Flores during her first date which included her date’s service dog. Flores loved that her date brought his service dog to The Cheesecake Factory, and she couldn’t resist sharing it on social media.

@kandidkarla / TikTok

“After being single for nine years, I decided to get back into dating and I started on Bumble,” Flores said. “We met there, and he brought his service dog with him on our date to The Cheesecake Factory.

“They’re super close, and he wanted me to meet his best friend, so I was thrilled he brought him. I feel really lucky that this was my first experience back into the dating scene.”

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act only dogs can be recognized as service animals and are trained to perform tasks that aid a person with a disability. This includes guide dogs for the blind, alerting a deaf person, reminding their handler to take prescribed medication, calming them down during an anxiety attack, or protecting them during a seizure.

Service dogs are not pets and are permitted to enter any public areas or facilities where people are allowed to go. However, the ADA notes that they must be under the control of their handler. If the person’s disability prevents them from using a leash, harness or tether, the service animal should be controlled through voice, signal, or alternative controls.

How Did TikTok React?

Not every first date will be as successful as this one, but Flores joked that bringing an animal along for the experience is a surefire way to make it more enjoyable. As someone who volunteers at cat and dog rescue centers, animals are so important to her, so this was “a big way to [her] heart.”

She said: “When people talk about online dating, it can sound so scary and time-consuming, but it’s been the opposite for me. I really think it’s possible to find a good match, and one with a fur baby too.”

Since sharing the TikTok video of her date and his service dog, Flores has been amazed by the positive response she’s received online. Alongside the video, she wrote in the caption that she’s “his mother now” too—it certainly was a good first date.

This first date reminded Flores of the joys of dating and meeting new people, and since going viral she hopes others will also be encouraged to give it a try.

“The online response has been incredible. I can tell that it warms people’s hearts seeing a man do things differently. I’ve also had so many people mention that they want to give online dating a shot after seeing the video,” Flores told Newsweek.

With over 1,500 comments on the viral TikTok post, many people were envious of Flores for getting to go on a great date and also meet his dog all in one. One comment reads: “This would honestly be the best date ever.”

Another TikTok user responded: “That plus one is a 100% a keeper.”

A third person praised the service dog, as writing: “Such good table manners.”

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