Man Swaps House For Campervan, Now Pays Just $210 Property Tax Per Year

Life can get hectic at times, which is exactly why Michigan resident Dave Pruitt decided to step back from the chaos and opt for a minimalist lifestyle instead.

Having had enough of living at a fast pace and never having enough time or money to do things he enjoyed, Pruitt knew he wanted to scale back and enjoy an easier life. In 2018, he took that leap when he purchased a 30-foot campervan for $5,000, and spent an additional $3,000 for an acre of land to enjoy.

It’s certainly been a transition to adapt to his new normal, but Pruitt, who is in his 40s, couldn’t imagine living any other way, as he told Newsweek that “it’s improved all areas” of his life, and he’s so much happier for it.

Dave Pruitt, from Michigan, is seen in this split image. Pruitt swapped his previous home for a campervan and has been relishing the happier and healthier lifestyle he’s gained ever since.

Dave Pruitt

Previously in a rent-to-own deal, Pruitt used to pay around $3,200 in property taxes every year. But since walking away from that and starting afresh in his campervan, the taxes are “significantly less,” at just $210 a year.

“I know I’m as close to truly being as happy as I’ll ever be, leaving it all behind for this simpler way of life,” Pruitt said. “My stress levels are almost non-existent, and I don’t have to work as much, which leaves me more time to do the things I love.

“Everything is paid for at this point. I will be remodeling the camper in the spring and doing a lot of upgrades to the property. But due to the low cost of living, I can pay for everything out of pocket without having to take out any loans.”

Dave Pruitt's campervan
Dave Pruitt’s 30-foot campervan in Michigan. Pruitt couldn’t be happier in his new home.

Dave Pruitt

With far fewer costs to worry about, Pruitt can work less and spend more time on his hobbies, including fishing, kayaking, gardening and chainsaw carving.

Enjoying nature has always been a priority for Pruitt, and now, with his home situated in the Manistee National Forest, he’s in “the perfect spot” to really make the most of it. Of course, living in a small space isn’t easy, but Pruitt feels much better equipped to deal with any problem that comes his way because he’s developed a more relaxed and happier perspective.

“There are difficulties as there is with any way of life, but I’d much rather have the type of challenges that tiny house living presents than living in a city in a big house,” Pruitt said. “For anyone who is considering making this move, I say just start somewhere. Even if it’s just a half-acre of land, get it paid off and it’s yours. You can always build more and grow from there.”

Dave Pruitt living in campervan
Dave Pruitt is pictured enjoying his hobby of chainsaw carving. Since moving into a campervan, Pruitt has found far more time for his hobbies, which also include fishing, kayaking and gardening.

Dave Pruitt

Pruitt’s new lifestyle went viral recently, after he posted images of the campervan that he shares with his three dogs on Facebook. The post has received more than 45,000 reactions and been shared over 400 times in a matter of days.

Alongside the images, Pruitt explained that “it’s not much, but it’s a start and honestly the happiest I’ve ever been.”

With more than 2,300 comments at the time of writing, many people were quick to celebrate his decision to do what’s right for him and put his happiness first.

Dave Pruitt's three dogs
Dave Pruitt’s three dogs, named Tugger, Tugger Jnr. and Ivy. Pruitt’s post Facebook post about his new life has received more than 45,000 reactions.

Dave Pruitt

One comment reads: “Don’t say it’s not much, it [you’re] happy, it’s priceless.”

Another person responded: “This is perfect and you’ve got your pups. Livin’ the dream.”

A different Facebook user wrote: “Happiness and money aren’t on the same page at my house.”

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