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School, sports, sitcoms, movies, Bud Light and now Miller Lite: Everything has gone woke. It turns out, even before Bud Light committed their big transgression, partnering with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney, Miller Lite had put out an ad that was apparently supposed to commemorate Women’s History Month but was in reality just another cheap shot at straight men—the bulk of their actual customer base. And while this Miller Lite ad is far less egregious than a biological man in a prom gown mocking actual women, it’s still not great.

It makes me wonder: Is there anything left for us regular people anymore?

It’s not just conservatives who have had it with brands insulting us and our values. It’s all non-woke people, the general population with views that were considered normal until five minutes ago. And since the Bud Light debacle over its partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, we now we have our eyes peeled for other brands who have decided to delve into liberal politics. They should know that when they go there, they are running the risk of it pissing off their actual customers.

The Miller Lite ad features female brewers destroying and composting old, supposedly “offensive” Miller Lite marketing materials that featured scantily-clad models. The ad is supposed to serve as some kind of apology or reckoning for past ad “mistakes.”

The plague of wokeism strikes again.

But this time, I’m not just angry. I’m a little heartbroken. Miller Lite is—or was—my beer of choice. While I don’t speak for all women, I can tell you that seeing pretty women in beer ads doesn’t offend me. If your core base is straight men, featuring attractive women isn’t just expected, it’s business savvy.

Of course, I’ll still take man-hating feminism over the female mockery brought to us by the Bud Light/Mulvaney partnership any day. At least Miller Lite had the decency to use real women (they must be biologists!).

But considered together, the two ads reveal how logically bankrupt the messaging from the Left has become. The same group of people who applaud trans women in bikinis on the cover of Sports Illustrated, or morbidly obese women with fat rolls hanging out (also in bikinis) are suddenly offended by actual women with fit bodies posing in bikinis from the 1970s?

If you’re fat in 2023, it’s aspirational, but if you were fit and pretty in 1975, you were being exploited? How does that make sense?

The above image shows a general view of the Miller Lite sign at Kauffman Stadium on May 14, 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri. The beer brand is facing boycott calls over a two-month-old commercial highlighting the role of women in beer brewing.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

And as far as I know, those women in the classic non-woke Miller Lite ads weren’t forced to model for them. It wasn’t bikini and beer slave labor, folks!

But Miller Lite knows that. This isn’t about exploitation but about activists within the company who have taken it upon themselves to shame both the men and women for preferring to look at attractive swimsuit models in ads over whatever the hell the political point it is they are trying to make here.

They can’t stand that we aren’t interested in them lecturing us about sexism or misogyny or feminism when we really just want to, I don’t know, drink a light beer at a ball game, for crying out loud!

Consumers are sick and tired of this crap being shoved down our throats. Just ask Bud Light: They got the message loud and clear. And though this Miller Lite feminist ad came out before execs saw the Bud Light fallout, that’s no excuse. You should know your customer base.

You think Target would have me, Tomi Lahren, modeling their line of pride apparel? Probably not. Miller Lite should have known better, and if they didn’t, they should get a clue.

This isn’t Left vs. Right but woke vs. the rest of us. It’s time companies figured that out and join the right side of the market and history.

Tomi Lahren is the host of “Tomi Lahren is Fearless” on Outkick and a Fox News contributor.

The views expressed in this article are the writer’s own.

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