Mom Leaves Scathing Letter to Neighbor Who Tried to Tow Her Car

An argument between neighbors over a parking disagreement has sparked online debate after a woman shared her story.

Reddit user Emma, who wishes to remain anonymous, initially got a call from the neighborhood bylaw officer, who relayed a complaint about her parked car, alleging it had been abandoned and was in violation of local regulations. Receiving a stern warning of potential fines looming if the vehicle wasn’t relocated within three days, the resident was stunned that a neighbor hadn’t simply come to speak to her.

“I complained to the bylaw officer, telling him it is my insured and used vehicle and he understood,” Emma told Newsweek. “I still had to move it, but only as much as I wanted. I moved it less than a foot.”

She then decided to take action, first by trying to initiate dialogue in person, but the neighbor wasn’t answering the door. Instead, she wrote a note, which she has since shared on Reddit’s r/mildlyinfurating subreddit.

A picture of the note left by the woman. She was upset that her neighbor hadn’t spoken to her about the car parking.


It read: “I do believe you must know that calling bylaw will only anger people, not solve your problems. I thought that we had a decent relationship. However, you then tried to have my (insured) vehicle towed from in front of my own home. You must know that’s a $200 fine, and a tow and impound fee. If that had happened to you with a new child, I’m sure you wouldn’t be too happy. You never asked me to move, at all. I live literally right next door. I hope in the future you see that more flies are caught with honey and consider asking me in person. I can assure you, that’s much quicker.”

With more than 13,000 upvotes, thousands of people sympathized with the poster and shared reactions in the comments.

“You live next to a snake,” said one commenter, while another wrote: “Every neighborhood has an a******. You just found yours.”

Others even shared their own similar stories. One Redditor recalled: “I had a neighbor do this when I went on a small 3 day vacation. She called every day I was gone, and my car subsequently got towed and impounded because it hadn’t moved. It cost me $800 to get it back and pay the 3 tickets. I was so mad I immediately moved out.”

Others praised the note she decided to send. One commenter said: “Great response!”

Some Redditors weren’t so sure about the note, though, suggesting it was a little passive-aggressive, causing Emma to rethink.

“I ended up taking the note back because Reddit made me feel like it was too passive-aggressive. I rang her bell 3 separate times with no answer,” she explained.