Moment Tiny Puppy Stops Big Dogs From Getting Into House: ‘Club Is Full’

Big dogs might look scary to some of us, but smaller ones can be just as intimidating, if not more. A tiny dog has left social media viewers laughing after managing to keep two big dogs out of his home.

In a viral clip shared Sunday on TikTok under the username pawsofaustin, a small puppy named Lucy can be seen standing at the doorstep and barking at the two dogs trying to come in, scaring them enough to keep them outside.

The poster can be heard saying: “Someone is preventing the bigs from coming in. come on boys, come on.” The large dogs felt safe to come in only after their owner called little Lucy to get her out of the way.

An illustration shows a tiny puppy stopping a big dog from getting into the house.


And who can blame the great Danes for being scared of her? Studies show that smaller dogs tend to behave more aggressively than bigger ones.

The pet wellness experts at Pet Keen say that besides a dog’s size, other factors can contribute to this behavior, including age, sex, fearfulness, breed, dogs in the family and the owners’ interaction with their dogs.

“As it turns out, small dogs come out on the short end of the stick in just about every one of these categories, and that may go a long way toward explaining why they’re more aggressive in general,” Pet Keen’s website says.

The video quickly went viral on TikTok. It has so far received over 1.6 million views and 210,800 likes on the platform.

One user, Yzeppa K, commented: “BUT HOW IS THAT DOG SO SMALL???!??!” And darlad3 said: “But how do we get past security?!!!” CelticRayzyr11:11 added: “The little bouncer is like ‘club is full.'”

SofiaC wrote: “They didn’t [want] to squish the little baby.” And 8Berly8 said: “I love how Great Danes are such big babies and littles are such big personalities.”

Ekowalski added: “I would just lay a broomstick across the hallway to keep our Dane out of the kitchen & everyone would die he didn’t just step over. They’re such good boys.”

Another user,, commented: “So cute. I wonder whether they were afraid to step on Lucy or playing along to build her confidence, hehe.”

SunflowerSynchronicityBethany added: “The backyard kittens do this to my golden every time she goes outside. I just hear her terrified barking and crying in the backyard.”

Newsweek reached out to pawsofaustin for comment via TikTok comment and could not verify the details of the case.

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