NYT Connections Hints July 10: Clues and Answer for Game #395

It may be only a year old, but Connections has already taken the internet by storm.

The New York Times‘ daily word game has tens of millions of users worldwide, and, in its first year, 55.2 million people finished a puzzle with zero mistakes.

If you want to continue your Connections winning streak—or start a new one if you recently ran out of luck—Newsweek is here to help. Instructions on how to play the game are below. Clues and the answers for Wednesday’s puzzle are toward the end of the article, so scroll with caution.

How to Play Connections

Connections tasks players with grouping 16 words into four categories based on association. For example, Wednesday’s game linked the words mane, mop, shock and tangle under the category Mess of Hair.

Each of the four categories is labeled with a color, which also signifies their difficulty level. Yellow is the easiest category, followed by green, blue and purple. However, the puzzles are rarely straightforward. They use homophones and wordplay, among other techniques, to keep players challenged.

A wordplay game produced daily by The New York Times, Connections returns Wednesday with a new puzzle.

Getty Images/Dean Drobot

Sometimes a red herring is thrown in to confuse people. This happens when a word can belong to more than one category but there is only one correct answer. If stuck, people can hit the shuffle button, which will mix up where the words appear on the screen.

Wyna Liu is a puzzle editor at the Times who was asked to develop Connections. During a conversation with Newsweek, she shared her tips for playing.

“My best piece of advice is to wait as long as you can before guessing,” Liu said.

“You may see the board and have completely identified the category, seeing five words that could belong in that category,” she continued. “Don’t try to guess the four words in that category because even though you know what the fifth member is, you won’t know which of the four it might not be,” which would ultimately waste a turn.”

She added: “Don’t do what I do, which is ‘rage solve.'”

Connections #395 Clues for Wednesday

Newsweek has some hints to help you figure out Wednesday’s Connections categories.

Yellow: These answers all deal with probability.

Green: These words often describe behavior exhibited by rude people.

Blue: Think of an animal that swims in water.

Purple: These are words that make up a pair of spectacles.

Connections #395 Answers for Wednesday

Yellow category: Future Likelihood

Yellow words: chance, forecast, outlook, prospect

Green category: Back Talk

Green words: attitude, cheek, lip, sass

Blue category: Fish

Blue words: bass, fluke, perch, pike

Purple category: Components of Eyeglasses

Purple words: bridge, lens, rim, temple

Did you guess the answers correctly? If so, congratulations. If not, there will be another opportunity to crack the puzzle tomorrow.

Connections is released at midnight in your local time zone. Newsweek will be back with another round of hints and tips for each new game.