NYT ‘Connections’ Hints July 9: Clues and Answer for Game #394

The New York Times‘ daily word game has become a huge hit in the 12 months it has been online. It has tens of millions of users worldwide and, in its first year, 55.2 million people finished a puzzle with zero mistakes.

The NYT also told Newsweek that 9 a.m. was the most-common time to play and that Connections was the most popular in the following cities and areas; New York City, Chicago, Sydney, Melbourne, Brooklyn, Seattle, Los Angeles, Toronto, Philadelphia and Minneapolis.

The game is edited by Wyna Liu, the Times puzzle editor, who shared her tips for playing with Newsweek.

“My best piece of advice is to wait as long as you can before guessing,” Liu said earlier this month. “You may see the board and have completely identified the category, seeing five words that could belong in that category. Don’t try to guess the four words in that category, because, even though you know what the fifth member is, you won’t know which of the four it might not be,” which would ultimately waste a turn.

Instructions on how to play the game are below. Clues and the answers for Tuesday’s puzzle are toward the end of the article, so scroll with caution.

How to Play ‘Connections’

The brainteaser tasks players with grouping 16 words into four categories based on association. For example, a recent game linked the words “clear,” “earn,” “make” and “net,” which all came under the category “take home, as income.”

Each of the four categories is labeled with a color, which also signifies their difficulty level. Yellow is the easiest category, followed by green, blue and purple. However, the puzzles are rarely straightforward, using homophones and wordplay, among other techniques, to keep things interesting.

The uniting themes can come from a broad range of categories—anything from Quentin Tarantino films to geometric terms.

The ‘Connections’ logo. It is the latest ‘New York Times’ game to take the world by storm.

New York Times

If all four words are correctly placed into each set, those words will be removed from the board. Each incorrect guess counts toward the mistake tally. Up to four errors can be made before it is game over.

Players can shuffle and rearrange the board if they want to try to make the process of guessing the connections easier. To make things a bit tougher, a word can sometimes belong to more than one category—but there is only one correct answer.

‘Connections’ #394 Words for Tuesday, July 9

The 16 words you are working with today are: Journal, Register, Weed, Fund, Mane, Hog, Mop, Shock, Scrub, Maze, Tangle, Log, Cheer, Friend, Record, and Trimmer.

‘Connections’ #394 Clues for Tuesday, July 9

Yellow: A way to remember events and other important moments.

Green: Ways to describe the locks on top of your head when they look less-than-perfect.

Blue: People’s favorite TV shows if their titles were singular.

Purple: Words that come after a synonym for ‘bush’.

‘Connections’ #394 Categories for Tuesday, July 9

Yellow: Chronicle

Green: Mess Of Hair

Blue: TV Shows Minus “S”

Purple: Words After “Hedge”

‘Connections’ #394 Answers for Tuesday, July 9

Yellow: Journal, Log, Record, Register

Green: Mane, Mop, Shock, Tangle

Blue: Cheer, Friend, Scrub, Weed

Purple: Fund, Hog, Maze, Trimmer

Newsweek will be back tomorrow, with another round of hints and tips for the day’s new game.

If you are still looking for puzzles to solve (with help), head to Newsweek’s hints and tips for the Times‘ most-played word game, Wordle.