Rescue Dog’s Reaction to Seeing Her Grandma Melts Hearts—’I Am Crying’

A viral TikTok video has captured a rescue dog’s adorable reaction to seeing her grandma for the first time in weeks, leaving the internet in tears with her excitable zoomies.

The sweet video was posted by TikTok user @annatherescue, showing the moment Anna, thought to be around 3 years old, was “surprised” to see her grandma walk through the door.

Although Anna is usually very quiet and reserved, she gets “very vocal” whenever she sees her grandma, her owner, Ava, from Connecticut told Newsweek. She can hardly contain her excitement at the best of times, but as it had been a few weeks since the duo were together, there was even more excitement in Anna’s reaction.

The clip showed Anna spinning around on the couch repeatedly and making happy noises. The video has delighted many social media users, and in just a few days, it’s been viewed more than 279,300 times and gained over 49,400 likes.

Anna the rescue dog reuniting with her grandma after a few weeks apart. Anna was so excited to see her favorite human again.

@annatherescue / TikTok

Ava, who doesn’t wish to disclose her full name, said: “When I brought Anna home, her and my mom instantly clicked. They both have such calm, gentle souls and they have created such an amazing bond.

“In the video, my mom came to visit Anna after not seeing her for a couple weeks. Anna was so overjoyed to see that she had just walked through the door. Anna’s very quiet normally, but it even sounded as though she said hello to my mom.”

It’s always such a special moment for Ava to witness, and she joked that her pup only ever gets that excited when seeing her grandma.

Since rescuing Anna from a shelter in Oklahoma in January 2022, Ava has shared many wonderful memories with the mixed breed, and she’s undoubtedly helped her come out of her shell.

While she has now learned to trust all humans, Anna isn’t afraid to show who her favorites are.

“She has such a sweet spirit and truly spreads joy wherever she goes,” Ava told Newsweek. “I always say that she never lets her past hold her back, and I find it incredible how loving and trusting she is of humans, despite the fact that she was mistreated in the past.”

Over the past two years, Anna has forged an unbreakable connection with her grandma, who will gladly pay her a visit whenever she can.

Indeed, what’s a friendship without a shared love of food? Anna loves her grandma’s homemade turkey meatballs, and Ava added that her mom will always “save one just for her.” It’s no surprise that Anna loves her so much.

Ava has been amazed by the positive response to her TikTok video, and she loves seeing Anna bring joy to so many people online.

“It’s been wonderful to see just how many people found happiness from watching Anna and my mom. I am so glad I can use my platform to share all the love Anna has to give,” she continued.

The heartwarming clip has received over 300 comments. Many praised the loving bond between Anna and her grandma. One comment read: “Her little spin, I am crying.”

Another TikTok user wrote: “So overwhelmed with excitement.”

While another person responded: “The sweetest thing ever.”

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