Sulyok: Hungarian Olympians ‘heroes’ – The Budapest Times

“Hungarian Olympians are, for us, heroes: the best in their sport and role models,” President Tamas Sulyok said on Monday at an oath-taking ceremony of the Hungarian Olympic team preparing to take part in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Success at the Games “is a cause for celebration” for the entire nation, Sulyok said at the ceremony held in Budapest’s Palace of Arts, and he congratulated the athletes on successfully qualifying to compete “among the world’s best”.

The president said Hungarians held their own “among the top athletes of the world” and excelled “over others and themselves”.

“We are proud of them,” Sulyok said. “Your participation in the Olympics will bring the nation together,” he added.

In past Olympics, Hungarians have generally scored 7 Olympic gold medals, he said, wishing the team preparing for this year’s event “lots of shiny medals”.

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