Support for opposition falls further – survey

Fidesz would win an even bigger victory than it did a year ago with the same support (52 percent) if parliamentary elections were held on Sunday, as the combined opposition (30 percent) would perform even worse, according to the results of a survey by think tank Tarsadalomkutato, sent to MTI on Thursday.

The survey, conducted between March 27 and 29 by interviewing 1,000 people by phone, shows that, one year on, the governing parties still enjoy the support of every other voter and would be able to repeat their victory in the 2022 election.

Support for the opposition parties of the former left-wing alliance, which won 36 percent of domestic votes in 2022, has dwindled further, to 30 percent in the survey, the analysts added.

The parties of the alliance show a mixed picture: strongest among them is the Democratic Coalition, with 12 percent of voter support, followed by Momentum with 6 percent and Jobbik with 4 percent. They are followed by LMP with 3 percent, the Socialist Party with 2 percent and Parbeszed with 1 percent, all falling short of the support necessary for entering parliament. Peter Marky-Zay’s Everybody’s Hungary People’s Party, which has officially become a political party since the 2022 election, only enjoyed the support of 2 percent of those interviewed in the survey.

Voters who left the former left-wing alliance presumably back other parties now: the Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party, with its current support of 10 percent, would clearly cross the threshold for parliamentary entry.

The radical right-wing Mi Hazank party has further improved its 6 percent election result; if elections were held on Sunday, 8 percent of voters would back them, according to the survey.

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