Szijjarto: Ceasefire, peace talks only solution to Ukraine war

A ceasefire and peace talks are the only solution to the Ukraine war, the foreign minister said on Tuesday.

Peter Szijjarto said on Facebook that the situation was getting increasingly severe in the Ukraine-Russia war, with recent “heartbreaking” events involving children, “and this can be expected to deteriorate further”.

“There are more and more weapons and the war propaganda is getting stronger, with a severe looming danger of escalation,” he said. “We have been warning of this for weeks.”

“There’s only one solution; there’s only one way to stop the senseless destruction and massacre; there’s only one way to save people’s lives and prevent more severe developments: a ceasefire and peace talks”, Szijjarto said.

He added that this was the reason why the Hungarian leadership was setting off “on a peace mission” and paying a visit to Washington, DC.

“We will represent this stance at the NATO summit: there is no solution on the battlefield,” he said. “It is impossible to comprehend why they cannot accept this.”

“Yet, the draft resolutions for the next three days demonstrate a total lack of understanding, with NATO set to launch a mission in support of Ukraine,” he said. “We will stay out of this; we won’t supply weapons, we won’t provide troops, and we will not take part in financing,” he added.

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