Today’s ‘Wordle’ #1,117 Hints and Answer for Wednesday, July 10 Puzzle

Wordle can be a breeze to solve one day, or prove challenging on others. That’s why Newsweek is here to help you along.

To solve the daily Wordle game, players need to work out a mystery five-letter word in six guesses or fewer. They are guided by a color-coded tile system to let them know if they are on the right track.

A green tile means the letter is correct, while yellow tells you the letter appears in the word, but is in the wrong spot. Finally, a gray tile shows that the letter does not appear in the word at all.

Welsh-born engineer Josh Wardle invented the game for his girlfriend, but sold it to the New York Times in early 2022 for an undisclosed figure after it became a global sensation.

The word game Wordle is shown on a mobile phone on January 12, 2022 in Houston, Texas. Today’s word is an adjective.

Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Even celebrities love the daily word puzzle, including Keegan-Michael Key, the Emmy award-winning star of Key & Peele and Wonka. He teamed up with the NYT, which publishes the game, in 2023 to invite players to compete against him in their game group chats.

“There’s a fun sense of accomplishment that comes with starting the day solving a New York Times game,” Key said in 2023.

“It’s also a great reason to have a quick check-in with a few of my friends (and get in a little friendly competition). I’ve always been a fan of words and language and any game that can test my acumen.”

The answer to Wednesday’s puzzle will be revealed at the end of this article, so scroll down with caution if you want to work it out for yourself.

‘Wordle’ #1,117 Hints for Wednesday, July 10

If you’re struggling, Newsweek has put together five clues to help you out.

Hint #1: Today’s answer is an adjective.

Hint #2: It contains two vowels.

Hint #3: There are no repeated letters.

Hint #4: The first and last letters of today’s word are consonants.

Hint #5: Synonyms include “cadaverous” and “emaciated.”

‘Wordle’ #1,117 Answer for Wednesday, July 10

Today’s Wordle answer is “Gaunt.”

According to Merriam-Webster, gaunt is defined as “excessively thin and angular” or “barren, desolate.”

Wordle updates every day at midnight in your local time zone, at which point the next puzzle becomes available. Newsweek will be back with another round of hints and tips for each new game.

Players who would like something to keep themselves busy while they wait can have a go at other word-based puzzles such as Typochondria and Spellspire.