Ukraine reports successful missile strikes on three Russian command posts

Ukraine’s military on Wednesday reported its forces had conducted successful missile strikes on three Russian command posts and two ammunition warehouses.

Ukraine’s General Staff of the Armed Forces said in an update posted on Facebook that Kyiv’s military had been involved in 73 “combat clashes” during the day. The update added that Ukraine’s defenses had repelled multiple Russian attacks in several locations.

Newsweek could not independently verify the report, and the Russian Ministry of Defense was contacted via email on Wednesday for comment.

The General Staff posts daily messages about conflicts and notable incidents that have occurred in the war Russian President Vladimir Putin launched in February 2022. A running tally of Russia’s troop losses is also reported by the General Staff, which on Wednesday said Putin’s forces have suffered 327,580 military casualties since the start of the invasion. Newsweek could not verify Ukraine’s figures, and other estimates tend to be more conservative than Kyiv’s.

Ukranian soldiers on air defense combat duty on November 23, 2023, in the direction of Kyiv, Ukraine. Ukraine claims to have hit three Russian command posts during the day’s fighting.
Photo by Kostya Liberov/ Libkos/Getty Images

“During the day, the Air Force of the Defense Forces carried out two strikes on the areas where Russian personnel, weapons and military equipment were concentrated, and two more on the enemy’s anti-aircraft missile systems,” the General Staff wrote.

The update added: “Missile troop units hit three command posts, two ammunition warehouses and a focus area of enemy personnel, weapons and military equipment.”

Elsewhere in its report, the General Staff said Kyiv’s defenses have maintained their positions on the left bank of the Dnieper River in the Kherson region, where “they continue to inflict a fiery impression on the opponent.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s forces also held off offensives from Putin’s military on the Kupiansk and Lyman fronts, as well as repelled assaults near the long-contested city of Bakhmut, according to the General Staff.

The report went on to state that Russia’s military were unsuccessful in five separate attacks in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) think tank on Tuesday said Russia had managed to make confirmed advancements on the Avdiivka front after seeing several setbacks and a high rate of casualties in its efforts to seize control of the city. The General Staff wrote that Russia was less successful in its Wednesday assaults on Avdiivka, which reportedly saw the use of Moscow’s aviation forces.

The General Staff conceded that Russian missile and air strikes resulted in dead and wounded Ukrainian civilians, along with damage to private residential buildings and civilian infrastructure.