Video Shows Tornado Tearing Off Rooftop in Western New York

A dramatic video captured the moment a tornado tore the roof off a home in Arkwright, Western New York.

The twister was one of two that the National Weather Service said blew through the region on Wednesday, part of a series of severe weather incidents caused by the remnants of Hurricane Beryl.

The Context

Hurricane Beryl made landfall in Texas on July 8 as a Category 1 storm, pummeling Houston and claiming seven lives on top of the 11 already killed on its way through the Caribbean, according to the Associated Press.

A home is severely damaged after Hurricane Beryl swept through the area on July 08, 2024 in Freeport, Texas. Tropical Storm Beryl developed into a Category 1 hurricane as it hit the Texas coast late…

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Beryl headed north east through Arkansas, Indiana and is forecast Thursday to carry on up into Canada as a tropical depression.

What We Know

WKBW reporter shared a video to X (formerly Twitter) in which the tornado wreaks havoc on a farm in Arkwright.

In the video, the wind lifts and tears off part of a roof as trees shake violently and debris is blown around.

The video, which has been viewed over 350,000 times, was captioned “Incredible video as the reported tornado ripped through a farm on Henry Road in Arkwright. The roof was ripped off. A barn was flattened. Homeowners tell me everyone is ok.”

Russo said the video was shared with him by the son of the couple who live on the property.

The tornado that hit the town of Arkwright had wind speeds reaching up to 110 miles per hour, damaging homes and trees along its three-mile path, according to local news station WIVB. It reached a maximum width of 150 yards.

tornado in New York
Screen shots from a video on X (formerly Twitter) show a tornado ripping the roof off a building in Arkwright, New York.

Brandon Mead via Jeff Russo

In Eden, a town located south of Buffalo, the tornado was smaller but still caused notable damage, primarily due to fallen trees near Gary Drive and Sauer Road. Fortunately, no fatalities were reported, although there were a few minor injuries, according to WIVB.

As the storms progressed, over 25,000 power outages were reported in Erie County.

This number had reduced to a few thousand by the evening, and as of early Thursday fewer than 4,000 customers in central New York state were reported to have no power, according to an online tracker.

These tornadoes are the first to hit Western New York since 2022, according to WIVB.

What’s Next

The region remains on alert for further severe weather. The NWS issued multiple Tornado Warnings throughout the day, affecting various counties including Erie, Chautauqua, and Allegany.

As of Wednesday evening, most of the region was removed from the Tornado Watch, but the potential for severe thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes continues. The NWS and local authorities are monitoring weather conditions closely to provide timely updates and ensure community safety.

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