Watch Moment Family Realize They’ve Adopted ‘Most Patient Dog in the World’

A woman has shared footage of the moment she realized her parents had adopted “the most patient dog in the world.”

Sarah Kiroddy from Minnesota took to TikTok to share footage of the rescue dog her mom and dad had just welcomed into their home. In the video, the dog, who is a Pyrenees mix, can be seen getting acquainted with the family’s cat.

Or at least that’s one way of putting it. You can watch the footage here.

It’s not unheard of for cats and dogs to live harmoniously alongside one another. A 2020 study published in the journal PLOS ONE, quizzed 1,270 pet owners who had both a cat and a dog on their pets’ daily routines.

The results revealed that over 64 percent of the cats and dogs living together also played together. Researchers also found that 58 percent chased each other; and 41 percent fought, while almost two-thirds of the pets sometimes playfully “ambushed” the other.

It’s difficult to know what category the interaction between this particular rescue dog and his new feline sibling falls under. The cat certainly appears smitten and can be seen affectionately licking her new roommate. Her tail can also be seen gently wagging around in another sign of contentment.

If only the same could be said for her new animal companion. At certain points on the video, the dog appears to edge backwards, slightly away from the cat, who is clearly unfamiliar with the concept of personal space.

Despite the fact he’s clearly uncomfortable with the situation, the dog nevertheless shows the patience of a saint in allowing the cat to continue giving him a “bath.” The clip ends in dramatic fashion though with the cat seemingly grabbing the dog by the collar before both animals spot Kiroddy filming them.

Evidently eager to impress his new family, the dog’s efforts earned him plenty of plaudits among those watching on social media. “Oh my gosh so sweet,” one user wrote.

“The cat is in dog bathing heaven and the dog is wondering what in the hell’s going on,” another commented. “Get used to it buddy! She loves you!” with a third adding: “I’m gonna say they’ll be friends in a month.”

File photo of a cat meeting a dog. A rescue dog has been applauded for showing incredible composure in the face of an overzealous cat.

Petra Richli/Getty

One viewer summed up the situation perfectly, as: “the cat knowing he has the power to send this dog right back to the shelter,” while the dog “reminding himself he can’t go back to the shelter.”

Others imagined what the dog might be trying to say without words. “I’m not, I’m not scared, I’m a big boy, this cat doesn’t scare me, oh shoot I looked at it,” one wrote.

“I guess I got me in one of them there situationships or somethin’,” a second added, with a third writing that the dog’s look was one that said: “umm I’m married.”

Newsweek reached out to Kiroddy for comment on TikTok.