Watch Woman’s Reaction As Boyfriend of More Than 10 Years Finally Proposes

How do you curate the perfect proposal after 10 years of partnership? With great difficulty, one man says.

A video on Instagram posted by Charles Raynor, known as “Wolfie” (@wolfie) has gone viral after recording the moment he proposed to the love of his life—to her complete surprise. Raynor spoke to Newsweek about planning the moment and how special it was after spending so many years together. Since the video was posted, it has received over 390,000 likes.

“My girlfriend has no idea I’m about to propose,” he captioned the video, before launching into a profession of love that viewers couldn’t believe.

Photos from Charles Raynor’s Instagram video. The video has gone viral after Raynor’s adorable proposal to his girlfriend of over 10 years melted viewers’ hearts.


“Do you know how many days we’ve been together?” Raynor asked her. “Three thousand, seven hundred and eighty-seven days. Just over 10 years. So, I love you very much, you love me too—you love me unconditionally. I wanted to make this moment very special for you.”

Raynor’s now-fiancé, Sylvia Gani, admitted in the video that she almost forgot to say yes: “I was too busy crying,” she said.

Raynor told Newsweek that the process of planning the proposal saw him overwhelmed with options.

“I initially had about 10 different special destinations that I wanted to do it at,” he said. [I] decided that Lake Como was the perfect spot.”

The lake in Italy’s Lombardy region is known for its resorts and stunning scenery set at the foot of the Alps. By selecting such a frequented destination, Raynor said it was difficult to ensure privacy.

“The main factor that I had to consider was making the moment as intimate as possible, which ended up being the hardest thing to plan,” he said. “Most places are public settings, so in order to have it be private you have to rent it out but can only do so at very early or late time slots.”

Luckily, no one entered the couple’s frame during the proposal. Even more lucky was the weather, Raynor said, which was “perfect.” But his brain was fixated on other things.

“Like anyone about to propose to their partner, I was extremely nervous. However, my brain was hyper-focused on kneeling on the correct knee, so that helped a bit in the moment,” he said.

An ‘old married couple’

Raynor and Gani have been together for just over 10 years and have documented their relationship regularly online. Although marriage is a pivotal step in any relationship, Raynor said he doesn’t expect things to change too much once they tie the knot.

“We have had a lot of ups and downs, and both started this whole social media journey together after meeting in university. We are both so excited to move on to the next step of our lives together. We already operate like an old married couple,” he said. “Be sure to look out for the wedding content, as I’m sure we will be documenting the entire thing.”