Woman Brings Home New Cat, She Then Steals Her Boyfriend With ‘No Shame’

Hearts are melting on TikTok after a video showcased the love between a man and a tabby cat named Penelope.

On June 10, user @mostlypenelope posted a montage of clips highlighting the bond between her boyfriend, George, and her cat. The two appear to be inseparable, cuddling at every opportunity.

The video ends where the relationship began, showing the moment the pair met, which may have been love at first sight. In a room full of cats, Penelope—then a kitten—seems to choose George, perching on his chest as he lay on the floor. The clip shows that this behavior continued into her adulthood.

“Your cat steals your man with absolutely no shame,” the poster wrote in text layered over the clip, which has received more than 534,000 views and 95,000 likes.

Newsweek has contacted @mostlypenelope for comment via TikTok. We could not verify the details of the case.

More than 500 users have commented on the video, many of whom can understand why Penelope loves nothing more than cuddling with George.

“To be fair, your man has extremely relaxed vibes, kitties probably can’t resist,” one user wrote.

“They look so happy together,” another added.

“Yes and now you’re the third wheel. Get comfy sis,” a commenter said.

While some people believe cats are unsociable, videos like this one show that they can form deep connections with humans. Joey Lusvardi, a cat behavior consultant certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, previously told Newsweek the top signs that show you are your cat’s favorite human.

A stock image of a man cradling a tabby cat like a baby. A TikTok video has recently gone viral for showing the bond between a man and his partner’s pet.

Magui-rfajardo/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Lusvardi, who runs Class Act Cats in Minneapolis, said the following acts of affection indicate that you mean a lot to your furry friend.

“For example, to cats staring can be perceived as very threatening,” he said. “Rather than staring deep into our eyes, they’ll often give a slow blink where they partially close their eyes and then open them again. This will often be followed by a gaze off to the side [so] as to not come off as a threat.”

He continued: “Another affiliative behavior is called bunting. This is where they rub their head or face against a person they really like to leave their pheromones on them. If a cat bunts you, you can return the affection by petting them in the area they rubbed against you.”

Lusvardi said that in addition to overt affectionate behavior, there are other indicators that a cat prefers you over others. One of the most significant signs is their tendency to spend the majority of their time with you. Other signs include trusting you and missing you when you are away.

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