Woman Compares Same Outfit in 2020 vs. 2024 Style—Clear Favorite Emerges

The fashion trend cycle is speeding up at an alarming rate, meaning the clothes in our closets are moving in and out of style quicker than we can keep up.

While many of the closet basics stay with us through the decades, some aspects get modern updates as they evolve, such as the humble white T-shirt and jeans.

The pairing is a long-standing staple outfit for millions across the world, with the two items standing the test of time. Although the dynamic clothing duo has stayed the same in its essence, the minor details have gone through major changes over the years as the trend adapts to whatever fashion landscape it finds itself in.

Stock image of four women wearing white T-shirts and jeans. A viral video has shown how the classic look has evolved since 2020.

Vafym Pastukh/Getty Images

Most of us would be able to spot the difference between a tee and jeans pairing from the 70s and the 2020s, but the trend has been evolving faster than many will have realized, with styles worn as recently as 2020 now seemingly out of place in the 2024 fashion world.

To highlight just how quickly the trend has evolved over the short span of just four years, Maria Alclades shared a video to her TikTok, @mariaalcaldes, showing a side-by-side of the outfit she’d currently built around the base, and what she would have put together back in 2020.

The 2020 outfit saw her style the cropped white tee with a blue pinstripe blazer—a nod to the “office-core” trend many gravitated toward at the time.

As for accessories, she added a navy bag with fringe details and added in the 2020s’ sneaker of the summer, a pair of New Balance trainers.

When it came to her choice of denim, Alclades chose a high-waisted mid-wash pair of jeans, with large distressed ripped knees and a wide turnup hem detail.

The jeans were toned down for 2024, losing the grungy ripped knees and upturned hem in favor of a more timeless option: a well-fitting pair of straight-leg, light-wash jeans.

The bag, jacket and footwear all got an upgrade as well, as she chose a smart blue jacket and upgraded her bag to a more upmarket option, choosing a brown leather shoulder bag from French luxury leather goods brand Polène.

While a white trainer still proved the only option to pair with the look, she switched out the New Balance in favor of Adidas Sambas, a popular choice among fashion lovers at the moment.

What Do the Comments Say?

Both looks were great options, but there was a clear favorite among the video’s viewers, which some may be surprised about.

“I wear 2020 and prefer that,” said one.

“I like 2020 SO much better,” wrote another.

A third wanted to combine the two, writing: “The 2020 blazer with the 2024 jeans is the winner actually.”