Woman Dyes Hair To Match Her ‘Color’ Season, Internet in Awe at Result

Color theory is the styling hack on the tips of everyone’s tongues when it comes to ensuring your wardrobe is full of the most flattering shades for your skin tone, but have you ever considered applying the same theory to your hair?

Charissa Enget took the plunge and committed to a bold new hair color after being “diagnosed as a bright winter color palette”—a decision that has made its 1.2 million viewers “believe in color analysis”.

Sharing the video to her TikTok profile, @lifeofcharissae, Enget explained how the decision had come to DIY her hair dye after reading the best color for her season would be a deep cool ash brown—a stark difference from her brown to blonde ombre. The video went viral and has been liked more than 155,000 times.

Unable to find the right color, she instead went for a shade described as the “coolest darkest brown,” applying two boxes in sections for even coverage over her entire head.

She didn’t stop at just her hair, fully embracing her color season by putting the dye onto her eyebrows to bring the look together with the excess product, as well as tinting and lifting her lashes to add some definition.

Returning to record the end of the clip the next day, Enget was still unsure on the brows, which she called “kind of shocking for me every time I look at them” and hoping to get used to the dark color over time. However, she seemed pleased with her overall decision as she said, “I think I like it”—as did the viewers of the viral video.

Stock image of a fashion stylist during a color analysis session with a client. A woman’s decision to dye her hair after finding out her color season has gone viral, leaving the internet obsessed with…

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What Do the Comments Say?

The impact of hair color on her eyes and other features blew viewers away, who couldn’t believe the difference made by the dye.

“Wow, it really makes your eyes pop. I think it looks good on you,” wrote one.

“It totally makes your eyes pop and your skin glow,” agreed a second. “Color theory is so cool.”

Not everyone was convinced at the start, with the dye job a “trust the process” for many. “Girl, the fear I had in my heart!” wrote one. “But it looks absolutely fantastic!”

Many picked up on how her last-minute decision to use the dye as an eyebrow tint was the right choice. “It looks amazing and doing the lashes and brows was a key factor in this,” wrote one user. “Huge glow up. The brows are perfect.”

For some who were unconvinced by color theory before, Enget’s viral video soon changed their minds. One user wrote, “You single-handedly made me believe in color analysis with this. Girl you look AMAZING.”

“I’ve always scoffed at the color analysis, but I’m changing my tune after seeing this because you look INCREDIBLE!!” added another.