‘Wordle’ #969 Clues, Tips and Answer for Tuesday, February 13 Puzzle

It’s been more than two years since Wordle took over the internet, but its daily brainteasers are still hugely popular.

A prototype for the word puzzle game was invented by Josh Wardle in 2013. The Brooklyn-based software engineer uploaded Wordle to the web in October 2021, after perfecting the game as a gift for this partner during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Within a month, Wordle had gone from 90 players to 2 million, becoming an online sensation that caught the attention of The New York Times.

Wordle is shown on a mobile phone. Created by software engineer Josh Wardle, the game grew from 90 players to 2 million within a month of launching.

Brandon Bell/Getty Images News

The publication purchased Wordle for a “seven-figure sum,” adding the game to its roster of word puzzles.

With 2,309 possible answers to choose from, Wordle can keep players entertained until 2027. The game originally had 2,315 choices in its word bank, but The New York Times removed six words due to them being outdated, offensive or using a non-U.S spelling.

The publication also brought in a Wordle editor to curate the selection and choose the best possible answer, instead of randomly assigning words each day.

Since November 2022, Associate Puzzle Editor Tracy Bennett has taken on the task, alongside managing other games for The New York Times.

“The game will have a Times-curated word list and will be programmed and tested like the Spelling Bee and the Crossword,” The New York Times said in a statement.

“Wordle’s gameplay will stay the same, and answers will be drawn from the same basic dictionary of answer words, with some editorial adjustments to ensure that the game stays focused on vocabulary that’s fun, accessible, lively and varied.”

Grappling with today’s Wordle? Have no fear, because we’ve put together a few clues to help you find the answer. Take a look below.

Wordle #969, Clues for Tuesday, February 13 Puzzle

Newsweek has gathered five hints to help you solve today’s Wordle puzzle.

Hint #1: Today’s answer contains one vowel.

Hint #2: There are no repeated letters.

Hint #3: The fourth letter is a vowel.

Hint #4: Related words and phrases include “escape,” “make off” and “abscond.”

Hint #5: Today’s Wordle begins with an “S.”

Wordle #969, Answer for Tuesday, February 13 Puzzle

The answer to today’s Wordle puzzle is “Scram.”

Merriam-Webster defines scram as “to go away at once,” which is the definition most will be familiar with. However, scram is also used to describe the “rapid emergency shutdown of a nuclear reactor.”

Don’t worry if today’s answer eluded you. Wordle resets at 7:00pm E.T., so you can try again later.

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