Austrian and Hungarian Highways to Be Connected by 2025

Government work is in full swing in the middle of the summer, as the Hungarian Gazette of Monday evening, listing the latest decisions of the Cabinet on 160 pages, proves. Among the decisions is a cabinet decree concluded between the Hungarian government and the Austrian federal government, Világgazdaság reports.

The subject of that cabinet decree is the linking of the Hungarian M80 highway with the Austrian S7 Fürstenfeld highway. This will logically be carried out at the Hungarian-Austrian state border. The government decision has now authorized the finalization of the text of the agreement between the two states. The legislation shows that the Hungarian government agrees with the presented text of the Agreement to link the Austrian and Hungarian highways.

At the same time, it authorizes the Minister of Construction and Transport, János Lázár (or a person designated by him), to finalize the draft, subject to confirmation. The decree also calls on the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade to issue the instrument of delegation necessary for the finalization of the text of the Agreement. Finally, it has also been decided that the government would adopt the draft law on the proclamation of the agreement and order its submission to Parliament. The Minister for Construction and Transport is appointed rapporteur for the draft law.

The M80 highway linking Körmend to the Austrian border at Rábafüzes was opened two years ago.

The Hungarian side of road has been completed up to the Austrian border, but there is no continuation from there: after reaching the border motorists have to use the old roads in Austria.

According to press reports, the Austrians have been planning and building the S7 highway linking the A2 highway with the M80 at Rábafüzes for some time. The S7 tunnel at Rudersdorf was completed at the beginning of April last year, and the section between the A2 and Rudersdorf will be completed by the end of 2023.

At the end of March 2024, another section was completed: motorists can use the highway from the A2 all the way to Dobersdorf. Dobersdorf is just 10 kilometers from the Austrian-Hungarian border, meaning that this was all that was missing from the S7 section at the time.

The highway is scheduled for completion by 2025.

Then it can be linked to the M80 on the Hungarian side, so that the M86, still in the planning stage, will also link up with the A2 and the European highway network.

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Via Világgazdaság, Featured image: Facebook/Rotary Club Fürstenfeld

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