Day of Hungarian Defense Forces Commemorates Tradition and Unity

According to, Dr. János Czermann, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, highlighted the multifaceted significance of being a soldier during a ceremony commemorating Day of Defense (May 21) at the Stefánia Palace – Military Cultural Center.

Reflecting on the historical context, he recalled the pivotal role of Hungarian forces led by Artúr Görgei de Görgő et Toporc, György Kmety, and Károly Knezić in recapturing Buda Castle from the Austrian forces during the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence of 1848–1849.

The siege of Buda in 1849 on Károly Jakobey’s painting. Picture: Jakobey K. – Buda ostroma via Wikipedia

Since 1992, this day has honored the establishment of the Hungarian Defense Forces and the nation’s revolutionary spirit against the Habsburg Empire.

Dr. Czermann emphasized the enduring significance of the Hungarian Defense Forces, conceived in a moment of national unity in 1848, and continuing to symbolize the nation’s highest ideals. He stressed the role of this memorial day as not only a tribute to tradition and heroes but also as a modern social celebration, underscoring the contemporary soldier’s identity as a patriot and skilled professional who shares responsibility for both personal and societal welfare.

Acknowledging the vital support of society for the Defense Forces, János Czermann emphasized the mutual commitment between soldiers and civilians in safeguarding the homeland.

He concluded by emphasizing the importance of strengthening and developing the Hungarian Defense Forces to ensure a peaceful future for all citizens.

The ceremony concluded with the presentation of resolutions, orders, and awards, honoring individuals for their dedicated support of the defense cause.

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