Doggonit! Orange County firefighters rescue puppy stuck in a wall

A Garden Grove family had a Mother’s Day scare when their puppy went exploring into an opening in a wall of their home, disappearing for two hours until Orange County firefighters came to the rescue.

At about 9 p.m. on May 12, the Orange County Fire Authority responded to a call of the dog, Faye, who was stuck in a bathroom wall for two hours. The puppy had crawled into the bathroom wall through a small plumbing access door that led underneath to the bathtub where she was stuck.

Faye’s family had tried to coax her out of the crawl space but she wouldn’t budge, according to the fire authority’s post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

To get to Faye, the responding fire crew members had to gently create a hole in the wall with a hammer, said Greg Barta, spokesperson for the fire authority.

From a video shared on the X post, once the crew created a hole big enough for Faye to get through, the firefighters stepped back and called out Faye’s name and whistled until the dog slowly walked through the hole.

“The goal was to remove the pup safely, effectively and efficiently, which they did,” Barta said.

In the X post, the fire authority wrote, “According to the family, Faye is probably already planning her next bit of mischief. Who knows…maybe we’ll see her again soon!”

It’s fairly common for the fire authority to get calls for animal rescues.

“In fact, we even conduct large animal training to safely rescue animals such as horses that find themselves in precarious spots,” Barta said.

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