Energy Policy Should Not be a Matter for Ideological Debate

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó expressed concern over the ideologizing of energy policy, emphasizing the need for governments to ensure both security of supply and environmental sustainability.

Speaking in Belgrade at the Energy Forum, he stressed the importance of responsible energy policies that transcend ideology and hypocrisy, particularly evident in Europe’s sanctions against Russia. Highlighting the practicalities of energy infrastructure, Péter Szijjártó noted that reliance on Russian oil has shifted to Indian imports in Europe, while France remains a significant purchaser of Russian natural gas.

He criticized the EU’s reluctance to support pipeline expansion in southeastern Europe, despite acknowledging the diminishing role of natural gas in future energy mixes.

Minister Szijjártó emphasized the importance of maintaining national autonomy in energy decision-making, tailored to each country’s unique needs. He debunked the notion of environmentalism as a political monopoly, citing Hungary’s success in reducing emissions while fostering economic growth.

Identifying nuclear expansion as crucial for meeting rising electricity demands, Mr. Szijjártó cited the Paks Nuclear Power Plant expansion as a collaborative effort involving global stakeholders. He warned against ideological attacks on nuclear energy and advocated for a united front within the European nuclear coalition.

In addition to nuclear expansion, the Minister stressed the imperative of accelerating the transition to electric vehicles to meet green targets.

Hungary plans to implement incentive programs during its EU Presidency to boost demand and support global cooperation among automotive companies.

Highlighting Hungary’s position as a hub for both Western and Eastern automotive manufacturers, Péter Szijjártó emphasized the significance of Chinese investment in Hungarian electromobility. He dismissed calls for de-risking economic ties, pointing to the EUR 16B of Chinese investment as a testament to Hungary’s pragmatic approach to economic partnerships.

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