Germany’s AfD Forms New EP Group with Hungarian Representation

A new European parliamentary group and faction called the ‘Europe of Sovereign Nations’ has been formed in Brussels with the involvement of the Our Homeland Movement (Mi Hazánk Mozgalom) from Hungary, announced László Toroczkai, President of the Our Homeland Movement party, in Brussels.

The Hungarian party president announced on Wednesday that the new group would be formed that day. “We are doing today what no Hungarian party that has been called a national radical has ever managed to do. Together with our allies in the European Parliament in Brussels, we are forming the new European family of parties, the new EP group,” he wrote on X.

Mr Toroczkai called the establishment of the group a “historic day” and stressed that the “intellectual foundation” of the Europe of Sovereign Nations was laid last year in the Hungarian Parliament with the adoption of the so-called Budapest Declaration, confirmed this year by the Sofia Declaration.

The German Alternative for Germany (AfD) party announced on Wednesday that it had found enough partners to form its own group in the European Parliament. Currently, the group includes:

  • Alternative for Germany (AfD) – 14 MEPS;
  • Confederation Liberty and Independence (Konfederacja) from Poland – 3 MEPs;
  • Revival from Bulgaria – 3 MEPs;
  • Reconquete from Frane – 1 MEP;
  • Our Homeland Movement from Hungary – 1 MEP;
  • Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) from the Czech Republic – 1 MEP;
  • Republic Movement (Republika) from Slovakia – 1 MEP;
  • People and Justice Union from Lithuania – 1 MEP.

Se Acabó La Fiesta (SALF) from Spain was also going to join, but backed out at the last minute.

There are other interested parties, and the number of members could grow, László Toroczkai said. He noted, however, that

the S.O.S. Romania party’s application to join the parliamentary group was rejected at the request of the Our Homeland Movement.

“Anti-Hungarianism and the use of maps that show Romania’s borders as far as the Tisza River are not acceptable,” he reasoned. “This also shows that there are no subordinate or superior roles in the parliamentary group,” Mr Toroczkai said, adding that it can be said that the new EP group was created by old friends and old allies.

In response to a question, he said that the decision on whether the new group would cooperate with other political groups in the EU Parliament would be taken later by the members of the group, with the participation of Zsuzsanna Borvendég, MEP of the Our Homeland Movement.

The representatives of the parties forming the new group adopted a declaration at the inaugural meeting in the European Parliament on Wednesday, saying that they envision Europe as a federation of independent nation states and that migration must be stopped.

The document also includes the idea that a family consists of a woman, a man and children, meaning that the group rejects extremist LGBTQ ideology of a political nature, László Toroczkai said. The document emphasizes that “we want to preserve Europe as we have known it,” he added. “We really believe that if we create an alliance of equal European nations, it will work. But if they want to impose a kind of ‘United States of Europe’ on us, we reject that,” the politician stressed.

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