Hungarian Artists Captivated by Italy

Károly Patkó: At the Hungarian Academy, Rome (In the Salon), 1931

The works of renowned Hungarian painters, such as János Vaszary, Lajos Gulácsy and Vilmos Aba-Novák will also be on display at the Rome – Budapest exhibition, opening on February 22 at the Virág Judit Gallery in Budapest.

The free exhibition, open until March 28, presents around 100 paintings, sculptures and works of art. Most of the pieces are privately owned and are therefore rarely or almost never shown to the public.

Photo: Facebook/Virág Judit Galéria

A monumental 1930 work by Vilmos Aba-Novák (1894-1941) entitled Harbour, sold for HUF 110 million (EUR 284,000) at an auction at the Virág Judit Gallery a few years ago, will also be exhibited.

Vilmos Aba-Novák: Harbour. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Lajos Gulácsy (1882-1932) found his true self in Italy, where he spent a significant part of his life. The current exhibition features a Renaissance-style female nude from 1904, says the press release of the Gallery. The Hungarian National Gallery had recently organized an exhibition of the painter’s life’s work.

János Vaszary (1867-1939) loved Italy, the Italian atmosphere, beaches and cities. His lively painting Pincio in Rome from 1936 is a beautiful example of metropolitan life painting.

János Vaszary: Pincio in Rome. Photo via Facebook/Virág Judit Galéria

In addition to the paintings, the Rome – Budapest exhibition will also feature other works of art, including Lili Sztehlo’s (1897-1959) glass window, originally made for the church of Városmajor (part of Budapest District 12). The two-meter window has been restored by the Virág Judit Gallery.

Other works on display include works by Gyula Batthyány, Béla Kontuly, Ödön Márffy, Károly Patkó and Hugó Scheiber. The exhibition, a result of years of research, will be accompanied by an exclusive, niche-substitute volume with photographs of the exhibited paintings and contemporary illustrations, accompanied by essays by renowned art historians.

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