Hungarian Expert Joins the Board of the European Festivals Association

Valley of Arts Festival, Hungary

Natália Oszkó-Jakab, co-chair of the Hungarian Tourism Program Foundation and head of the Valley of Arts Festival, has been elected to the Board of the European Festivals Association, alongside the directors of the Ravenna and Edinburgh Festivals.

This will enable the representation of the interests not only of Hungary, but also of the Central and Eastern European region in one of the most important professional organizations.

The Hungarian Tourism Program Foundation (MTPA) was established three years ago with the aim of creating a European-level ecosystem in the Hungarian events sector, bringing together organizers and service providers of various types of events (cultural, sport, tourism, business). The organization is already representing Hungary at international level, having become a member of the European Festivals Association’s EFFEA Hub and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Culture & Creativity.

Natália Oszkó-Jakab. Photo: Facebook/Veszprém-Balaton 2023 Európa Kulturális Fővárosa

The European Festivals Association was founded in 1952 by Denis de Rougemont and Igor Markevitch in Geneva.

It is the main European platform for arts festivals and its leaders are regularly consulted by the European Commissioner for culture and the creative industries.

“The challenges facing the European festival market, including the Hungarian one, call for joint action and solidarity. However, this is the first time since 1952 that there is a Hungarian member of the Board, so my main objective is to represent the region and Hungary, so that our views are heard at European level. I believe in the power of cooperation and alliances and the need to share knowledge on an equal footing.

From now on, I will have the opportunity to present not only the region’s difficulties but also its strengths in the most important forums, which I am confident will stimulate the domestic events market.

I will strive to create a more flexible, diverse and culturally vibrant sustainable festival sector,” the statement quoted Natália Oszkó-Jakab as saying.

To make the Hungarian events market internationally competitive, tax cuts are also being fought for at government level, and professional materials and sector impact studies are being produced. MTPA’s Visibility program helps to increase the international visibility of Hungarian operators, providing opportunities for Hungarian event professionals to present themselves abroad, thus supporting the development of partnerships and business opportunities.

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