Hungarian Families Living in Surrounding Countries can Apply for Family Benefits

Since 2018, two of Hungary’s family support benefits have been available to Hungarians living outside Hungary’s borders, including those living in Slovakia or Romania, reported Magyar 7.

These two forms of support are the maternity allowance and the young person’s start-of-life allowance (Babakötvény). The application must be submitted to the Hungarian State Treasury within six months of the birth of the child. The maternity allowance is HUF 64 125 (EUR 165), the equivalent of which is transferred to the mother’s account. The young person’s start of life allowance is HUF 42 500 (EUR 108), which is credited to a life savings account opened for the child, which he or she can withdraw at the age of 18.

The child’s biological mother, adoptive parent or guardian who has a “Hungarian identity card” issued under the Law on Hungarians living in neighboring countries and who was born and lives in Slovakia is entitled to the allowance. In Slovakia, the application must be submitted on the form entitled “Application for maternity allowance for a child born abroad and living abroad with a Hungarian card of Hungarian / non-Hungarian nationality”.

The Hungarian identity card. Photo:

The consulates and the office network of the Alliance for Common Goals (Szövetség a Közös Célokért társulás ) in several cities provide assistance to families in countries surrounding Hungary. For detailed information on office contact details and opening hours, please visit the Association’s website For more detailed information about the Köldökzsinór program and family allowances for Hungarian children born abroad, visit

The procedure for maternity allowance is handled by the Center of the Hungarian State Treasury, which will decide on the application by decision. Once the decision has been taken, the parents will be notified by letter. Parents will also be informed by letter about the opening of an escrow account for the child. If no reply is received within six months of the application being submitted, inquiries must be made by providing personal details or, if by post, by sending a postal receipt to:

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