Ilaria Salis Accused in the “ANTIFA Case” is Released on Bail

The Budapest-Capital Regional Court of Appeal announced the termination of the arrest of the first accused, Ilaria Salis, in the “ANTIFA case” on bail of HUF 16M (EUR 41.4K), coupled with an order for her criminal supervision.

This case stems from an indictment by the Prosecution Service of Hungary against the first accused for attempted assault as a member of a criminal organization. Initially, both the Budapest-Capital Regional Court and the Budapest-Capital Regional Court of Appeal upheld the arrest of Ms. Salis on February 14, 2023, citing concerns of escape and concealment until the first-level court’s decision due to the gravity of the charges.

Subsequently, the defense sought the termination of the arrest, proposing criminal supervision and a bail amount of HUF 16M.

Though these defense motions were initially rejected by the Budapest-Capital Regional Court, Ilaria Salis and their defense appealed. They argued that significant changes had occurred in both the defendant’s personal circumstances and the case itself.

Tools used by the ANTIFA attackers. Photo:

Notably, she maintained a clear record both in Italy and Hungary and had a residence in Budapest. Furthermore, the defense contended that the indictment lacked evidence implicating the accused in orchestrating the offenses or directly causing harm.

The Budapest-Capital Regional Court of Appeal found the appeal well-founded.

Acknowledging the ongoing risk of flight and concealment due to the serious nature of the crimes committed within a criminal organization, as well as Ilaria Salis’ lack of ties to Hungary, the board also noted the defendant’s demonstrated cooperation and compliance throughout the proceedings. The court ordered the use of technical monitoring devices and criminal supervision confined to the defendant’s residence, alongside bail.

Consequently, the first-level court, in its decision, upheld the defendant’s plea for a less severe coercive measure, thereby terminating the arrest on bail of HUF 16M and instituting criminal supervision limited to the defendant’s residence until the first-level court’s verdict.

The defendant may only leave the designated property in Budapest with explicit court permission, and adherence to conduct regulations will be monitored through technical surveillance.

The board’s ruling is final, granting the accused and their legal counsel a three-month window to post bail, after which the accused may be released.


Ilaria Salis, is a political activist accused of being part of extremist far-left group ANTIFA that attacked people randomly in Budapest last year. The reason of the politically heated attack was that the victim wore similar clothes as the participants of the so called “breakout hike” on the “Day of Honor,” well-known around several far-right organizations. The group’s attacks were intended to send a message of deterrence to representatives of far-right movements by deliberately inflicting serious, even life-threatening injuries and by the circumstances of the unexpected attack.

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