Italian Minister Defends Judicial Autonomy in Budapest ANTIFA Case

Italian Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, has given an interview to the Italian newspaper Corrierre della Serra, discussing the case of the alleged Italian ANTIFA activist detained in Budapest, as reported by MTI.

The minister strongly refuted earlier statements by Roberto Salis, the father of the far-left activist arrested in Hungary, claiming that Rome had abandoned them.

We have never deserted the Salis family. The Italian state has done all it could and even more, but we respect the autonomy of states,”

he declared.

The request by the Salis family and their defense is that the Italian Ministry’s request for the Hungarian authorities to allow Ilaria Salis to spend her detention under house arrest in Italy, and to guarantee that she will not escape and will appear regularly at the trials in Hungary, was rejected by the Minister.

This request is unacceptable. The suggestion that an Italian minister should advise an Italian or foreign judge how to proceed would be considered sacrilegious by all rights,”

Nordio said. He added that “the only thing that the Italian Ministry of Justice can do, and is already doing, is to ensure that the humanitarian and European rules of detention are respected.”

Balázs Hidvéghi, Fidesz MEP, published a video statement on his social media page regarding the case after the European Parliament’s plenary session was one of the first to discuss the Hungarian prison conditions. In the statement, he said that he finds it absurd that the European Parliament is calling Hungary to account for the allegedly poor prison standards, or treatment of the Italian woman, and why she was handcuffed when she was brought before the court.

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Via MTI; Featured Image: Facebook / Carlo Nordio

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