Lake Balaton Offers 400 Kilometers of New Cycling Route


Following the 1000 km of continuous cycling routes already planned within the BalatonBike365 project, the 400 km KalandKör (Adventure Circle) has been added to the range of routes, completely circumventing Lake Balaton, reports.

The route, marked out in both directions but not following the traditional cycle route, alternates between easier and more difficult sections, offering new adventures for cyclists. The new trail is guided by a single signposting system with 263 direction signs. The BalatonBike365 network makes it easy to connect to the KalandKör (KK400) from any Lake Balaton village, while the free downloadable BB365 app helps with GPS-based navigation. The KK400 covers many tourist attractions further away from the coast, but it occasionally returns to the shores of the lake. To help you measure the time taken to complete the KK400, 50 QR codes are placed around the route.

Photo: Facebook/BalatonBike365

“The idea behind the creation of KalandKör was twofold. The most popular cycling tourism product in our country is clearly cycling around the Lake Balaton, but many people have already done this several times on the cycle paths along the lake and are looking for a new challenge and experience in the area.

For them in particular, this new route offers a new alternative, which could be the perfect basis for (…) a new kind of cycle ride around the lake.

By breaking down the entire distance into 12 stages, we also want to encourage multiple visits to the destination. The stages have been chosen to be challenging and adventurous for all, but not too difficult,” explained Péter Princzinger, Managing Director of VisitBalaton Nkft.

“Secondly, we wanted to create the largest and most coherent network of gravel trails in our country.

This form of cycling, originated in America, is now the biggest trend among cyclists worldwide and is already considered a separate discipline by the International Cycling Union, with World and European Championships and the National Championships debuting in 2024,” the managing director added.

Photo: Facebook/BalatonBike365

“As for the competitive part,” he said, “after a short registration and successful completion of each stage, cyclists will receive a downloadable online certificate that can be shared on social media, and can collect personalized results for the stages completed, the duration of which will be shown in an online ‘scorecard.’ (…) If someone completes all 12 sections, they will receive a BB365 gift as a memento.”

The varied and beautiful landscapes speak for themselves, as the routes lead to different worlds. If you love castle ruins, like to rest in quiet villages or even taste fine wines, you will not have to miss any of these if you set off on the KK400.

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