New Military Transport Aircraft of the Defense Forces Tested in the Skies of Brazil

On February 8, the first Embraer KC-390 Millennium military transport aircraft of the Hungarian Defense Forces was tested in Gavião Peixoto, Brazil, and is scheduled to arrive in Hungary later this year. With the use of the Brazilian aircraft type, attracting increasing interest worldwide, the Defense Forces will add a new capability in military air transport, reports

Mobility is a fundamental need of all armed forces, that increasingly requires the development of air transport in addition to land transport. The complexity and growth of logistical tasks justify the use of modern military transport aircraft with high transport capacity.

Following the retirement of the Antonov AN-26 military transport aircraft and the increasing military transport needs,

the Hungarian Defense Forces will acquire two KC-390 Millennium military transport aircraft in 2024, which are among the most modern in the world.

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Capable of carrying payloads of up to 26 tons, the Hungarian version of the aircraft will be capable of aerial refueling, precision air cargo drops and the accommodation of patient beds for intensive care patients/injured patients.

The successful first take-off of the aircraft marks the start of a series of flight tests, while the training of Hungarian Defense Forces specialists is already underway at the Embraer training center to prepare for the arrival of the technology in Hungary in 2024.

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Minister of Defense Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky described the first take-off as an important step for the development of the Hungarian Defense Forces, stressing that the KC-390 Millennium military transport aircraft will be a key element of the armed forces.

In November 2020, the Hungarian government and Embraer signed a contract for the procurement of two new generation Embraer KC-390 Millennium multirole transport aircraft in aerial refueling configuration, writes Magyar Nemzet.

The procurement is part of a process aimed at strengthening the Hungarian Defense Forces in the field of tactical air transport and medical evacuation.

The Brazilian manufacturer will start delivering the new transport aircraft to the Defense Forces in 2024.

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In addition to this, the acquisition will also provide the Defense Forces with a completely new capability. The KC-390 Millennium is capable of aerial (in-flight) refueling of combat aircraft, including the JAS-39 Gripen fighter of the Hungarian forces. The investment is thus a niche development for NATO in the region.

The Czechs are the sixth nation after the Brazilian manufacturer and the fourth NATO member in Europe to order the KC-390 Millennium, with Portugal ordering five, Hungary two and the Netherlands also five.

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