Reviving Air Transport in the Countryside: Flights Depart from Pécs

Without exaggeration, those who visited the Pécs-Pogány airport (southwestern Hungary) on Tuesday morning witnessed a historic moment. At a press conference, it was announced that a regular flight would be operating from Pécs airport again.

This is a major development because

there has been no charter flight for 12 years and no scheduled flight for 16 years.

According to the local newspaper, PécsMa, a plane arrived at around 9 a.m., bringing its staff from Malta. It is a 78-seat plane which will start carrying passengers on March 26, and will operate on several routes:

  • between Munich and Pécs (journey time: 1 hour 20 minutes),
  • and between Pécs and Malta (journey time: 2 hours 20 minutes).

A further announcement is expected in May, when a Corfu charter service is planned.

The flights will be operated by Universal Air.

The German destination is no coincidence, as a significant proportion of tourists arriving in Pécs come from southern Germany. Baranya County has close business links with the region and many German students study at the University of Pécs. It has also been revealed that a bus service will run between the airport and the city center of Pécs in order to make access to the Pécs-Pogány airport as quick and easy as possible.

Ticket sales will start shortly on Universal Air’s website and later in travel agencies. There will be two pricing options: a more expensive business and a cheaper leisure option. The ticket price will also include a 15 kg bag and a hand luggage fee.

Pécs was one of the pioneers of Hungarian air transport, with a domestic flight connecting the city to Budapest as early as 1930. Rural air transport has declined in the past decades, but the government has recently developed a strategy to revitalize the industry. However, the COVID pandemic and war intervened.

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Via Világgazdaság; Featured image via Facebook/Tensi Pécs

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