Strengthening of the Forint Brings further Drop in Fuel Prices

From Friday, fuel prices will change again, thus both petrol and diesel cars will be able to fill up cheaper at Hungarian petrol stations, writes Index.

According to a recent report by the fuel price monitoring blog,, fuel prices will drop further from Friday, May 17. The wholesale price of petrol will be HUF 5 (1 EUR = HUF 386) lower in gross terms, while the price of diesel will be HUF 4 lower in gross terms.

The price reduction is likely to have been influenced by the strengthening of the forint.

If the change is applied at Hungarian pumps, motorists will see the following average prices from Friday:

  • 95 petrol: HUF 607 (EUR 1.57) per liter,
  • diesel: HUF 605 (EUR 1.56) per liter.


A few weeks ago the government called on fuel retailers to voluntarily adjust their prices to the regional average so that Hungarian fuel prices do not fall behind it. Now, the comparison shows that Hungarian prices are indeed in the regional average. Prices are only lower in Ukraine (petrol: EUR 1.373; diesel: EUR 1.304), Romania (EUR 1.462; EUR 1.459), and Slovenia (EUR 1.541; EUR 1.484). Fuel prices are higher in Austria (EUR 1.65; EUR 1.61), Croatia (EUR 1.62; EUR 1.598), and Serbia (EUR 1.699; EUR 1.733). In Slovakia (EUR 1.66; EUR 1.541) motorist can get cheaper diesel but more expensive 95 petrol.

As reported by Index, on Monday, the Independent Petrol Stations Association (Független Benzinkutak Szövetsége) issued a statement criticizing the government’s tax policy, saying that family-run fuel retailers in Hungary are under threat.

The Ministry for National Economy quickly responded, calling on the association to stop making accusations in the interests of families. In order to protect families, the government calculated that the price of petrol had been cut by around 6 percent and that the price of diesel had been reduced by 8 percent.

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Via Index; Featured image via Facebook/Orlen

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