The Buildings of Hollókő, the Country’s only World Heritage Village Restored

The renovation of the Old Village and the castle in Hollókő (northern Hungary) has been completed. The Old Village will be enriched with a gastronomic experience center, and unique interactive content will be created in the castle towering over the village.

As a result of the investment, the number of visitors could increase by 30,000 a year within a few years, while the village’s tourism load will not grow, as the developments will help reduce seasonal attraction. The developments received HUF 1.1 billion (EUR 2.8 million) non-refundable support from the Széchenyi 2020 program’s Economic Development and Innovation Operational Program (GINOP) tender.

Photo via Facebook/Dávid Csilla

The aim of the project was to create a less seasonal attraction in the Old Village and its surroundings, that has been a World Heritage Site since 1987.


Hollókő, built in the 17th and 18th centuries, is a unique example of folk architecture that has been survived in its original state. It is a well-preserved ethnographic village, recognizable for its traditional wooden architecture of the Palóc people, the layout of its buildings, farms and orchards. It is the only village in Hungary that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Even today, Hollókő has not become an open-air museum, as its residents still use most of the buildings for their original purpose.

In Hollókő, known for its resident’s safeguarding of traditional cultural values, a harvest festival is held every autumn. Photo: Facebook/Hollókő, az élő falu

A gastronomic experience center was created in the main street of the Old Village, on the site of the current Vár Restaurant (“Castle Restaurant”) and its surroundings, with a Palóc gastronomic history exhibition area, a cooking school and service facilities.

The main street of the Old Village in Hollókő. Photo: Pixabay

In addition to the conservation of the castle, a number of interactive attractions have been added, such as a guided tour of the entire castle area on a tabletop. In addition to the interactive castle history exhibition, there is also a medieval escape room, where guests can explore all levels of the castle on a newly designed visitor route.

The castle of Hollókő. Photo: Instagram/Castles_and_Places

The project included the extension of the Dr. Román András Visitor Center, the development of the Masina Restaurant and the Millennium Memorial Park, as well as the extension of the car park. Hollókő was listed as a historical site thanks to András Román. In his honor, the Visitor Centre was built in 2005, that is an information and refreshment point, and also hosts events.

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