The Left to Block the Patriots for Europe from Posts in any Committees

The European Parliament’s (EP) left-wing coalition has agreed to prevent anyone from the newly created Patriots for Europe (PfE) group from sitting on any committee, Euractiv reports, citing unnamed EP sources.

The groups met last night to discuss their wish list for the next EP committees. An S&D (Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats) member told Euractiv that

the European People’s Party (EPP), the EU socialists (S&D) and the Liberals (Renew) have agreed on applying a cordon sanitaire when it comes to the next EU parliament committees.”

A European People’s Party parliamentary official confirmed the agreement between the three groups.

The three factions together, incidentally, hold 400 seats in the 720-member parliament, according to the latest data.

Sources say that the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), led by Giorgia Meloni, want the LIBE committee, dealing with Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. However, it appears that the coalition is also united against the ECR, as a socialist official told the news portal devoted to EU politics that they will do “the utmost” to prevent the ECR from getting the LIBE committee.


As reported by Hungary Today, the Patriots for Europe (PfE) EP group was formed on Monday, July 8. 84 MEPs from 14 parties in 12 Member States have joined it, making it the third largest political group in the EP. Jordan Bardella (National Rally) was elected president of the group and Kinga Gál of Fidesz was elected first vice-president. The other vice-presidents are Roberto Vannacci (Lega), Klára Dostálová (ANO), Sebastien Stöteler (PVV) and Anders Vistisen (Danish People’s Party).

At their inaugural meeting, Jean-Paul Garraud, speaking on behalf of Jordan Bardella, stressed that the group is opposed to any move that would lead to the European Union becoming a kind of superstate above the member states. The main aim of the new formation is to bring about change in EU policies. “We want a European Union that sticks to the foundations that its founders laid. We are ready to cooperate, but we respect the identity and sovereignty of each member state,” Mr Garraud said.

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